what a ride home

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    Ok so as some of you may know. Toronto had a rain storm that flooded most of the west end. Unfortunately. That means me.

    So it all started when I received a message from my wife that the basement is flooding thru the windows. ( I read that part twice) so I called her. She relayed the details and I immediately call my boss and booked an emergency day for the last 6 hrs of my shift.

    I hopped back on my bike and started home. I did not get far the hiway was not moving at all. So I did what I have never done before. I split lanes carefully and slowly. For about 20 kms. Then I exited at my off ramp to see that the northbound lanes under the train bridge were closed. Why. Because they were about 20 feet deep of water and a car was floating. Ok so I figured the train tracks at the Stn had a walking path so I headed there and that was my first tank deep water crossing on the roadway passed the stopped cars to find. That the walkway is closed due to construction. Uhgg. Turned around came back accross the water again and scouted away across the tracks. Nope.

    So back to the road I go, pass the stuck cars in the numerous engine deep lakes we call roads. To the next major street. Even worse and the traffic is now so bad that Im lane splitting again and on sidewalk now. Ok then another attempt at crossing the train tracks which resulted in nowhere very slowly.

    Ok so now I am going form street to street and building to building looking for a way north. Alas I was to be denied. I stopped and called my wife back told her I am stuck the city is flooded. She said. So is the house. Be safe. So more lane splitting and more deep water crossings and more sidewalk riding, at this point I am thinking that no one has tried to cut me off or hit me.

    Found a section to go across the train tracks got accros to find a lake on the other side. Uhgg.

    Finally 2 hours later I find a road with a washed out bridge and a police officer I asked him are any toads open. He pointsup in the sky to the hiway that has been stopped for the past 2 hours. So I say to him all I need is a walkway across the water like a sidewalk on the closed bridge that is lass than 3 feet deep. He smiles and says. The water under the bridege is more than 8 ft deep and I think there is a walk way and I never saw you go there! I smile and he says no really I don't recommend you go but be safe.

    So I went. It was deep still but there was a clear walk way so I went for it. And hit axle deep mud. I pinned it and mud went every where. My orange adventure was brown my black klim was brown. And then I got to the sidewalk. Yes! Here I go and I wenet. 15 feet and back into mud I pinned it and the roadworks guy who was asking me if the police allowed to go ducked for cover from the mud storm! I hit the road in a furry of flying thick mud. Clicked thru the gears. Leaving a river of mud behind me. 10 minutes later and 3 more deep water crossings with flooded cars I got home.

    The bike was awesome. My bald rear k 60 is my favorite tire and my basement is a demolition starting this weekend. All in all one of the most epic rides I have done in 25 yrs of off-road riding. And I did all the things that I have wanted to do on the street that I am not supposed to do.