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    I see that a lot of inmates are using their mobile phones (aka Iphone) as a GPS.

    I have done this in the past as well,

    cheap since I already have an Iphone, I like to listen to music while riding so the voice prompts work pretty good.

    some of the issues I have,
    - I do not have a water proof case and no way of mounting it to see the screen and even if I did, the screen is pretty small.
    - google maps is ok for getting to a city or a postal/zip code but it totally sucks for finding nearby things (will direct you to a gas station far away when you sometimes have one nearby)
    - DATA, most map programs use data. I do not have a data plan for the US and a lot of the places I ride have no 3G or cell data.

    so my question is, how are you guys finding your way around these issues?

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    Umm, not using Google Maps? :D

    There is CoPilot, TomTom, Sygic, and others all of which contain downloadable maps and do not require a data plan to navigate.

    In fact, I am not sure about the fascination with Google Maps.

    I've attached my phones (iPhone 4 and Nexus 4) to my bike using a RAM X-Grip mount successfully. Wouldn't be great for off-road riding, but works great on-road.

    There are lots of discussions about using a smartphone as a GPS in these GPS forums...
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    Small screen. You chose the iPhone. There are many choices in smartphones. Some of them make a normal GPS device look tiny.
    I use an open RAM finger grip mount. I seldom have an issue with the rain. The few times I do, I just put away the smartphone and don't use it. I find that during the rain I don't care for any GPS distraction anyway, so even though I can find ways around the rain issue, I don't bother. I do carry a clear bag that I can slip over the phone called an aLocSak. It is transparent and seals it well. Just in case I really want routing in a heavy rain. But even then, I typically hide the smartphone and just listen to the Bluetooth.
    Edit: One day I did make a 'game' out of the ride in the rain. I had been out all day and didn't bring any rain gear with me. It started to rain, and I slipped my phone into a bag and brought up a live radar. I was about an hour from home, but it took me about three hours to get home as I road around in circles avoiding the dark clouds on radar. I found a number of interesting roads that day, and stayed fairly dry. :rofl

    Google maps. Seldom use that. I use offline maps most of the time like OSMand or CoPilot. If you are going to use Google online maps often, you are doing something I don't. use the Gasbuddy app to find the nearest station.

    See the previous comment on software. Offline data may work most of the time, but relying on it is a bad idea IMHO. Plus the constant data downloading eats the batteries, and make the smartphone run hot. Just a bad idea IMHO.
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