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    In early Oct. I and the Glee were traveling thru Arkansas on a downhill tight switchback in Mt. Magazine state park. I had traffic in front of and behind me. An older pickup truck traveling in the opposite direction was just about to enter the same curve when his left front wheel came off his truck and was headed for me! I swerved to the right avoiding the wheel and onto the soft shoulder. I then had to rapidly swerve left to avoid going off the shoulder and into the woods. The front tire let loose and I low sided and slid downhill coming to rest with the bike pinning me against a tree. Kind people stopped, and moved the bike off of me. I suffered only some bruises thanks to my armored gear. My first get off in 18 yrs. of riding.

    I was lucky. The timing of me and the truck being in close proximity in the same curve. The odds of the left front wheel breaking off the truck at that precise moment. Me being in the wheels path. What are the chances..?? Ride safe.
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    Can you give me this weeks lottery numbers please :-)
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    It always amazes me that many collisions require millisecond timing or they wouldn't happen. Glad you weren't injured too badly. How did the bike fare?
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    Behind you
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    Glad your OK.

    The chances are low, but the consequences can be very high.
    That's why we gear up. I went 43 years without a crash and then a deer
    came out of the bushes at full speed. 1/3rd of a second (counting the frames of my dash cam) to react.... no luck.
    I went down.

    Unfortunately the "chances" of something going wrong seem to be on the rise lately with more and more distracted driving.

    This year there was the biggest spike in accidents in 50 years:


    Another member here had a wheel with some suspension "guts" still attached almost take him out.
    Vert little time to react...

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    Thanks for posting that video. Dang. Makes you think.
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    I can match that story, in terms of coincidence at the same place at the wrong time:

    A few years ago I was riding my pedal-bike north, along the western edge of a MO State Park. I was about 100 yards from the entrance to my subdivision when I noticed (1) two deer running toward the road from the west, planning to cross the road and head into the park and (2) a large F-150 sized pickup heading south. The lead deer made it between the truck and me, but the second was broadsided by the truck just as I was approaching. The deer came flying through the air, hit me in the chest and knocked me over. Luckily the truck hadn't been going super fast, so the impact I had with deer wasn't horrible. It knocked me to the ground, but I was able to get up pretty quickly, without and huge issues (at the time). I looked around and saw the deer behind me on the road scrambling to get back on its feet. It finally managed to do so and run off into the park, but I have no idea if it survived or not. By this time the driver of the truck had gotten out, along with the passenger. The driver turned out to be a young girl who then proceeded to start crying. The passenger was her father, who shushed her and put her back in the truck and drove off. (after checking with me that I was OK) I felt fine for the 1.5 miles or so I had left of the ride, but woke up the next day with a killer pain in my shoulder. Luckily it went away after a few days.

    Bottom line, don't play billiards with trucks and deer, whether you're on a pedal bike or a moto.
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    Man that is one crazy story. You must be a good guy, because surviving that would require your "good karma" reservoir to be 100% full!

    I'd just like to add one thing. IF you have a collision of any sort, even if you think you are OK, proceed with all the caution you can.

    When I crashed hitting a deer at about 60mph after the crash I insisted I was OK. However two young VERY GOOD SAMARITANS insisted on exporting me home (I was able to ride). In hind sight their insisting that they escort me home was a very smart move by them.
    I remember the guy even being really diplomatic about it and saying it was more for his peace of mind than because I needed it.

    After my accident i've had had conversations with others that have crashed. One guy felt OK, but then just blacked out while slowing down
    15 minutes or so after getting back on his bike.
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