What coat for TAT?

Discussion in 'Americas' started by dbern, Jun 18, 2013.

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    I may have missed this in all the searches that I did... Im trying to figure out which coat to wear on the TAT that Im leaving for in a few days. I go back and forth between my mesh Vanson with protection or my full synthetic black First Gear that is vented. I would wear my gore tex rain coat over the mesh in rain or not bring it at all if I had the First gear. It will be really hot in the full coat at some points compared to the mesh... But if it is cold??? Because this trip covers so much ground i am confounded...
    What do you travelers have to say??
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    What I used, and still think is the best, is a ballistic jersey (armor for arms, back, chest, on a venting fabric) over an Underarmour pull over. Then you can add a regular jersey, and additional layers, including an insulated jacket liner, and finally a riding jacket without armour. I used Klim gear (Traverse) which is waterproof but vents very well, and when it was too hot, rolled the jacket up and secured it to the back of my top duffel. When you are in the hot and dry areas, you just use the ballistic jersey and underlayer. You may find the armour comes in very handy in places. I had only a couple of falls going across, but the two good ones were into rock gardens and by the time I reached Oregon, the ballistic jersey was toast. I circular filed it there as some of the connecting straps had come loose and it didn't look like there was any way to reconnect them.
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    I wore my full First Gear jacket with the liner in, it's a non-vented coat and when it gets hot I'll unzip it down to the belt and keep the top snapped up. I carried rain gear all over the place that year and only wore it once, I'd leave it at home next time. A black jacket might be a bit warm through NV this time of year, but you'll be glad you have it in the high country.