What did you ship HOME? i.e., overpack...

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    Apr 25, 2003
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    Just got back from a fly and ride from wichita Kansas to Tucson AZ. Since I flew just prior to the B1K i knew id be going to warm weather of Baja for several days. Before returning to kansas in who-knows-what weather I had to consider all contingencies. I got a couple of throw away luggage pieces and packed all my gear in them to fly. Once in AZ I took primarily warmer weather clothing and camping equipment into the Baja and left the harsh weather gear at a friends place. The bike came with knobbie tires but I found a guy selling a like new set of Mitas tires here in the FM for the road trip back home. Once we finished the race and I rode back to AZ, I changed the tires and packed all the excess gear back into the luggage along with the souvenirs and shipped it and the tires all back home carrying only what I needed for the three day trip back. Needed all my cold weather clothing during the return trip! I only used a GL Great Basin to carry things during the trip and didn't have space for all of it at once! Yes I beat all the shipped stuff home!
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    A useless madstad windshield, jeans, books, maps, and a whole fucking Camelback Hogg.