What do they really weigh?

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    This bike need it's own thread!

    The low tech/ low weight concept makes total sense to me. I'd much rather have something along these lines than something with a on-the edge motor, water-cooled, etc.& all the extra junk that goes with it.

    I'll be interested in your new, lighter frame.

    Thanks for sharing this.
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    Yeah, that bike is way cool! :clap
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    2010 Husaberg FX450. Sicass dualsport kit, tail bag w/ tools, FMF can, 2.25 gal. gas = 284#
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    Wow that is an amazing looking bike kayaker! I run a small eco/tourist business in Malaysia. Deep in the jungle we have some of the most amazing secluded mountains, rivers and waterfalls. I've wanted to add those places to our itinerary but only the most hard core dirtbikers on 300 lb KLX250's (one of the ONLY common dirt bikes here) and long distance hikers can make it out there (without fainting from heat exhaustion!)

    On a bike like this I bet it would open up places like that to a much larger group of folks! Ever heard of a KLX150? It's a street legal, but cheaper version of the trail KLX 140 in the US. (Both have 144cc engine). Heavier shock, cast swingarm and other parts it brings the weight to 250 lbs ready to ride with 9 rear wheel hp and poor suspension for a 95lb person. The good thing is they are uber reliable, cheap and everywhere now. BBR got a big bore/carb kit that can get it up to 14 rwhp and KX80/85/100 suspension bolts right on. I wonder if a guy like you could get the 250 lber down to 200 ready to ride? :ear
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    About Honda CRF250L

    Advertised at 144 kg, i weigthed it at 141 kg with the bathroom scale all wet.
    As stock (euro model) it doesn't have the emission stuff, side reflectors and big plate support, that seems right with Ramz weighting (309 lbs), with 7.7 lt (2.06 gallons) http://rickramsey.net/CRF250Lmods.htm#weigh

    To "un-weight" 10kg (22 lbs), I removed some unuseful things (still keeping it here legal), as ..
    Chain guard, Helmet lock, Blinkers, Saddle strap, Right rear mirror, Passenger footpegs

    .. and swapped heavy parts with lighters ..
    Rear fender eliminator, UFO headlight plate, FMF exhaust line (w/ fuel controller & db killer), Alu sprocket (w/ speedo DRD), A123-4cells battery

    Now it weights 131kg (289 lbs), bathroom scale controlled :deal with 34.5 in seat height. Matter also where the weight is.
    With added performance (and 1'300$ more to the bill), i'm pleased with the result for a daily driver + WE offroader


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    My 2001 MXC200 is fully street legal with no corners cut. That includes full DOT lighting with hi/lo headlight, real turn signals and front and rear brake lights. It also has two mirrors and four reflectors. In other words fully DOT compliant. It was also weighed with a stout Flatlands aluminum skid plate and full wrap Cycras.

    With a little over three gallons of gas it came to 226 pounds. So figure maybe 205 pounds with an empty tank. Stripping it down like that 200 with minimal lighting or DOT stuff and no protection would probably put it around 195 pounds. So that is a pretty impressive job for a four stroke. A very cool build.

    But I prefer my featherweight to be a rocket. Different strokes and all that. :lol3

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    Anyone got a real world/personally measured/unbiased 3rd party weight for a 2006 Ducati Multistrada?
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    Mar 24, 2006
    Sorry, dry weight only -- Cycle World, September 2006, 432 pounds.
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    Mar 24, 2006
    Time to bump this list to the end of the thread so people can findi it.

    All weights are wet, ready to ride, with a full gas tank
    All weights are from a national motorcycle magazine road test for which they actually weighed the motorcycle -- no manufactuer's numbers here.

    I realize it is perverse publish weight with a full gas tank, therefore penalizing the manufacturers for providing additional gas capacity to a stock motorcycle. As adventure riders, that's one of the things we are always screaming about. Unfortunately, weight with a full tank is the only number I can find that is comparable. Wet weight with an empty gas tank would be the most fair comparison, but it is hard to find.

    Motorcycle Consumer News is a helpful resource to have all those weights listed together, but the MCN numbers are consistently lighter than the weights from other sources, and I suspect they are using the half tank of fuel method for determining wet weight.

    One of the frustrating things about this project is the reminder that the magazines don't take dual sports very seriously. For example, the KLX250S is one of the more significant additions to the dual sport world in the last few years, yet Cycle World treated it with a one page glossover and no spec sheet at all. The TE610 has been featured in several articles, including comparisons of sorts (Anywhere, Anytime, May 2006 Cycle World, 310 lbs dry) but never with an all up weight. I'm hoping that will change as the new models hit the floor this spring. But it's not like the good old days when Art Friedman was editor of Motorcyclist and dual sports were part of every third issue.

    Since dual sports typically hold between 2 and 2.5 gallons, I'll note those that are carrying 3 gallons or more, and readers can do the math if they want to see where a bike might rank with less gasoline. (6 lbs/gallon)<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

    From heaviest to lightest (street legal dual sports only) here they are:

    BMW R1150GS Adventure, 604 lbs, Motorcyclist, Dec. 2002 (8.0 gallons)
    BMW R1200GS Adventure, 581 lbs, Motorcyclist, Feb. 2007 (8.7 gallons)
    Aprilia Caponord, 575 lbs, Motorcyclist, Dec. 2002 (6.6 gallons)
    BMW R1100GS Adventure, 572 lbs, Motorcyclist, Sept. 1994, July 1995 (6.6 gallons)
    Triumph Tiger, 566 lbs, Cycle World, Aug. 1995 (6.6 gallons)
    Triumph Tiger, 565 lbs, Motorcyclist, July 1995 (6.5 gallons)
    Triumph Tiger 955i, 555 lbs, Motorcyclist, Dec. 2002 (6.3 gallons)
    BMW 1200GS, 544 lbs, Motorcyclist, Sept. 2004
    BMW R100GS Paris-Dakar, 535 lbs, Cycle, Jan. 1990 (9.3 gallons)
    Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom, 530 lbs, Motorcyclist, May. 2005
    Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom, 524 lbs, Motorcyclist, Dec. 2002 (5.8 gallons)
    Triumph Scrambler, 522 lbs, Cycle World, May 2006 (4.4 gallons)
    KTM 990 Adventure, 517 lbs, Motorcyclist, Feb. 2007 (5.8 gallons)
    Triumph Tiger 2007, 512 lbs, Motorcyclist (online) (5.2 gallons)
    Buell XB12X Ulysses, 510 lbs, Motorcyclist, Feb. 2007 (4.4 gallons)
    BMW R100GS, 508 lbs, Cycle, July 1991 (5.7 gallons)
    Buell XB12X Ulysses, 496 lbs, Cycle World, Sept. 2005 (4.4 gallons)
    KTM 950 Adventure, 495 lbs, Motorcyclist, Jan. 2004 (6.6 gallons)
    KTM 950 Adventure, 493 lbs, Cycle World, July 2003 (6.6 gallons)
    BMW R100GS, 491 lbs, Cycle, June 1988 (5.7 gallons)
    BMW R100GS, 485 lbs, Motorcyclist, Sept. 1989
    Suzuki DL650 V-Strom, 485 lbs, Sport Rider, May 2008 (5.8 gallons)
    Kawasaki Versys, 457 lbs, Motorcyclist, April 2008 (5.0 gallons)
    Honda XL600V Transalp, 448 lbs, Motorcyclist, Sept. 1989
    BMW G650GS, 451 lbs, Motorcyclist, May 2009 (4.0 gallons)
    KTM 950 R Supermoto, 449 lbs, Motorcyclist, (online)
    BMW F650ST, 444 lbs, Motorcyclist, March 1997
    Kawasaki KLR650, 442 lbs, Cycle World, Nov. 2007 (6.1 gallons)
    Honda XL600V Transalp, 442 lbs, Cycle, Jan. 1989, (3.9 gallons)
    Kawasaki KLR650, 435 lbs, Motorcyclist, May 2009 (6.1 gallons)
    Kawasaki Tengai, 424 lbs, Motorcyclist, Oct. 1990
    Kawasaki Tengai, 421 lbs, Cycle, July 1990 (6.1 gallons)
    KTM 620 Adventure, 404 lbs, Cycle World, July 1998
    Kawasaki KLR650, 401 lbs, Motorcyclist, Sep. 1989, Oct. 1990, Sept. 1992 (6.1 gallons)
    Kawasaki KLR650, 399 lbs, Cycle, August 1988 (6.1 gallons)
    Kawasaki KLR650, 398 lbs, Cycle, April 1987 (6.1 gallons)
    Suzuki DR650S, 388 lbs, Motorcyclist, Sept. 1992
    Suzuki DR650S, 387 lbs, Cycle, Dec. 1990 (5.5 gallons)
    Suzuki DR650S, 386 lbs, Motorcyclist, Oct. 1990
    Honda NX650, 383 lbs, Motorcyclist, Sept. 1989
    Yamaha XT600, 383 lbs, (1st yr. electric start) Motorcyclist, Oct. 1990, Sept. 1992
    Honda NX650, 378 lbs, Cycle, Aug. 1988
    Kawasaki KLX650, 379 lbs, Motorcyclist, Nov. 1993
    Suzuki DR650, 367 lbs, Cycle World, Feb. 96
    BMW G650XMoto, 363 lbs, Motorcyclist, April 2008
    Honda XR650L, 347 lbs, Motorcyclist, Sept. 1992, Nov. 1993
    Kawasaki KLR600, 341 lbs, Cycle, Nov. 1984
    Yamaha XT600W, 337 lbs, Motorcyclist, Sept. 1989
    KTM 690 Enduro R, 336 lbs, Cycle World, June 2009
    Honda XL350K2, 331 lbs, Cycle, Feb. 1976
    Honda XL600R, 327 lbs, Cycle, Aug. 1983
    Yamaha XT500G, 325 lbs, Cycle, April 1980
    Honda XL250K3, 323 lbs, Motorcyclist, March 1976
    Yamaha XT550J, 322 lbs, Cycle, Sept. 1982
    Suzuki DRZ400SM, 322 lbs, Cycle World, June 2005
    Honda XL350 Enduro, 319 lbs, Cycle, Oct. 1973
    Yamaha XT500C, 319 lbs, Cycle, May 1976
    Kawasak KLR250, 314 lbs, Cycle, Nov. 1989
    Honda XL500S, 313 lbs, Cycle, May 1980
    Suzuki TS400L Apache, 313 lbs, Cycle, Oct. 1974
    Kawasaki KLR250, 312 lbs, Motorcyclist, Dec. 1990
    Honda XL250K1, 308 lbs, Cycle, July 1974
    Suzuki DR350S, 306 lbs, Cycle, Sept. 1990
    Can-Am 500 Sabre 305 lbs, Cycle, Jan. 1982
    Suzuki DR350S, 304 lbs, Motorcyclist, Oct. 1990
    Suzuki TS400J Apache, 302 lbs, Cycle, Oct. 1972
    Yamaha WR250R, 301 lbs, Motorcyclist, Oct. 2008
    Suzuki SP400T, 298 lbs, Cycle, Oct. 1980
    Honda XL350R, 298 lbs, Cycle, May, 1984
    Yamaha XT350, 298 lbs, Cycle, Nov. 1985
    Honda XL250R, 295 lbs, Cycle, April 1983
    Yamaha DT400B, 294 lbs, Cycle, Nov. 1974
    Yamaha DT360A, 292 lbs, Cycle, March 1974
    Yamaha RT3-360, 290 lbs, Cycle, Feb. 1973
    Yamaha DT250F, 290 lbs, Cycle, Oct. 1979
    Suzuki SP370, 290 lbs, Cycle, July 1978
    Yamaha DT3-250, 289 lbs, Cycle, Jan. 1973
    Honda NX250, 289 lbs, Cycle, May 1988
    Honda NX250L 289 lbs, Motorcyclist, Dec. 1990
    Suzuki TS250C, 288 lbs, Cycle, May 1978
    Honda XR250L, 288 lbs, Cycle, Jan. 1991
    Honda XR250L, 288 lbs, Motorcyclist, Dec. 1990
    Yamaha DT250C, 288 lbs, Motorcyclist, March 1976
    Honda MT250K2, 284 lbs, Motorcyclist, March 1976
    Yamaha DT250D, 283 lbs, Cycle, May 1977
    Husqvarna SMR450, 283 lbs, Cycle World, April 2007
    Kawasaki 250 F11A, 282 lbs, Motorcyclist, March 1976
    Honda MT250, 281 lbs, Cycle, Sept. 1973
    Montesa 250 King Scorpion, 279 lbs, Cycle, Jan. 1974
    Honda XL250S, 278 lbs, Cycle, July 1978
    Yamaha TW200WC, 278 lbs, Cycle, Sept. 1989
    Suzuki TC185 Ranger, 278 lbs, Cycle, Sept. 1974
    KTM 450EXC, 276 lbs, Cycle World, June 2007
    TM EN450F, 275 lbs, Cycle World, Dec. 2007
    Montesa Enduro 360H, 275 lbs, Cycle, Dec. 1978
    Harley-Davidson SX250, 275 lbs, Motorcyclist, March 1976
    BMW G450x, 274lbs, Dirt Rider, April 2009
    Hercules 250 Enduro, 271 lbs, Cycle, Feb. 1977
    Honda NX125, 269 lbs, Cycle, October 1988
    Hercules 175GS Enduro, 268 lbs, Cycle, Sept. 1976
    Yamaha XT225, 268 lbs, Motorcyclist, Nov. 1992, Feb. 1995
    Can-Am 250 TNT Enduro, 267 lbs, Cycle, Oct. 1974
    Honda CRF230L, 267 lbs, Dirt Bike, May 2008
    KTM 500 EXC, 266 lbs, OffRoad.com, March 2014
    Penton Mint 400 Enduro, 265 lbs, Cycle, May 1975
    Yamaha XT250K, 265 lbs, Cycle, March 1983
    Yamaha XT250G, 265 lbs, Cycle, Aug. 1980
    Bultaco 370 Frontera, 265 lbs, Cycle, May 1977
    Can-Am 250 TNT, 264 lbs, Motorcyclist, March 1976
    Honda XL175, 264 lbs, Cycle, September 1978
    Kawasaki F-6 175, 263 lbs, Cycle, Aug. 1973
    Penton MC6 250 Enduro, 261 lbs, Cycle, June 1977
    Husqvarna TE250, 260 lbs, Cycle World, April 2004
    Montesa V75 250 Enduro, 259 lbs, Cycle, March 1975
    Kawasaki F-6 125, 259 lbs, Cycle, Oct. 1973
    Bultaco 250 Frontera, 256 lbs, Cycle, May 1977
    Honda XL175, 253 lbs, Cycle, Oct. 1973
    Can-Am 175 Enduro, 251 lbs, Cycle, Dec. 1973
    Penton 175 Enduro, 251 lbs, Cycle, Jan. 1976
    Penton 250 Hare Scrambler, 250 lbs, Cycle, April 1974
    Honda XL185S, 250 lbs, Cycle, May 1979
    Bultaco 250 Alpina, 242 lbs, Cycle, June 1974
    Suzuki TS185 Sierra, 238 lbs, Cycle, Sept. 1974
    Kawasaki KS125, 236 lbs, Cycle, Feb. 1975
    Honda XL125K1, 235 lbs, Cycle, April 1975
    Kawasaki KE125A5, 234 lbs, Cycle, Oct. 1978
    Yamaha DT175E, 234 lbs, Cycle, August 1978
    Honda TRL200 Reflex, 231 lbs, Cycle, Aug. 1986
    Honda SL125K1, 228 lbs, Cycle, Jan. 1973
    Suzuki TS125K, 221 lbs, Cycle, July 1973
    Honda MT125, 220 lbs, Cycle, Aug. 1973<!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
    <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->
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    Nice! Thanks for the summary - that's great! It is missing a couple of important bikes, the DRZ400S and the DR350SE (the electric start I think is a few pounds heavier than the kick start street legal one)
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    That puppy carries 28 L of fuel, AFAIK.
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    just a bump to the top

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    XR650L 136 kg (299) tank empty. 150kg (330) Clarke tank full. On technical terrain I will usually do with a half full tank for starters.
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    Weighed my 2015 Ducati Scrambler Icon yesterday. It's basically stock, just with a tail tidy and evap can removal. It weighed 405 lbs, with a full tank of gas. Near perfect front / rear weight distribution as well. 202F/203R.

    I was told folks in this thread would appreciate it!
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    KTM 1190 and 1290?:hmmmmm
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