What is in your tool kit? Dirt bikes

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    I always like to be ready in case of some minor mechanical problem with my dirt bike.
    I have Honda CRFx 250 and riding mostly in Colorado Rockies and Utah areas.
    From couple hours ride to multiple days rides.

    I know there are some specific tools for different bikes, but i like to know what is in your tool kit.

    Every time I ride with different riders and I am always amaze what people carry. It is nice to see all the different little tools, and be able to use it.

    All kinds of clamps, extra tire valve, duck tape.......

    Thanks for sharing with me.:clap
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    Oct 3, 2012
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    Although I'm always looking to refine my kit, I have it pretty well ironed out. I rode for years on a dualsported crf450 so this should all apply directly to your crf... I only added a couple tools to the kit to support Euro bikes.

    1/4" drive shallow 6 point sockets: 6, 8, 10, 12, 13mm

    craftsman 1/4" drive ratchet (looking for a better replacement)

    craftsman 1/4" square drive nut driver (used as an extension for ratchet)

    2 in 1 screwdriver

    fold out allen wrench set

    fold out torx wrench set (seems to be mostly a KTM thing but they do show up on a few other brands)

    6" needle nose vise grips

    wide jaw crescent wrench (opens to ~1 3/4", I cut the handle to 6" from 8")

    Gearwrench brand ratcheting end wrenches 8, 10, 12, 13mm

    shirt pocket size flathead screwdriver (most convenient for removing jets or making suspension adjustments)

    <20psi air pressure gauge

    small magnet (retrieve dropped bolts)

    oil rag

    20' SS safety wire (cleans jets or more often used to band aid stuff back together)

    Everything listed above fits inside (2) 1qt oil containers that slide over each other, this keeps things fairly water resistant while being cheap/durable/quickly accessible and I get 2 catch containers if I need to transfer fuel or hold hardware while performing trail repairs, maybe even scoop some creek water to top off a bolied over machine or refill after a radiator repair?



    I also carry a few other tools but they are not always kept in the same place.

    motion pro T6 22mm and 32mm tire spoon/ axle nut wrenches

    steel 27mm axle nut wrench (I'll buy another T6 wrench in this size eventually)

    All of the axle wrenches/spoons are rubber banded to a spare HD 21" innertube (has metal valve stem remover threaded on the stem) and stuffed inside a tube sock

    I carry a very small canvas "pencil pouch" with:

    chain breaker

    2 spare master links

    short section of chain (I always buy longer than I need and carry the left over section)

    "2nd wind" MTB pump (can be used manually or with CO2)

    "skabs" peel and stick patches (these will get you off the trail but I had one slide out of place after a run down the highway at low pressure.) Good old fashioned glue-on patches are more reliable, as long as you make sure your tube of glue hasn't been punctured or dried out.

    "bolt" branded spare hardware kit (inventory in this is always changing)

    generic multitool

    3aaa LED flashlight with a nylon washer to keep the batteries from contacting the terminals (I have to take the washer out to use the light but it keeps the light from turning on in my pack and I won't lose the batteries this way)

    short tow strap <10' (I've also used this as a strap wrench to tighten a fork cap that started backing off in the desert. Just feed one end through the loop on the other end and pull back on itself, worked awesome... my fork cap wrench didn't get it any tighter when I got home!)

    tons of various zip ties (you will find the larger ones more useful than the smaller ones)

    1/2 used (smaller) roll of electrical tape

    (2) ~6' lengths of speaker wire (have been used as jumper cables, who knows when you might need some electrical wire?)

    Tube of Quicksteel fast setting epoxy putty (fixes cracked cases, radiators, etc.)

    I think that's about it for tools/repair items, but I will edit my post if I remember more! I carry other personal items like snacks, firstaid, water, TP (very important!) and many other odds and ends but I'll save that list for another time. I'm sure this all sounds excessive, but I assure you it doesn't weigh that much nor does it take up a lot of space. I use my trail tool kit to perform all service and repair when I am at home and have literally rebuilt an entire crf450 engine/ suspension with very few additional tools.
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  4. rinoman

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    Nov 6, 2007
    Salida, CO
    Thanks for your reply.
    I also posted this in Rockies forum and got lot's of ideas there.
    Thanks again.
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    The little DMM has gone missing and I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet.

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    You should post this in even more than two sub forums and see if you get even more answers!