What kind of adhesive?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by pax maac, Jan 24, 2013.

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    My turn signal on my 1100gs has come unglued. What kind of adhesive should I use to get it stuck on again? I tried duct taping it (I was in the middle of a trip) but it kept coming unstuck and a number of cops kept giving me shit about it.

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    Mine did simillar a few years ago, sand, then clean the mating surfaces, mix up jb weld.

    I used tape around the whole thing to hold it in place while it dries, then painted flat black over it, its been fine since then, and you cant even tell from looking at it that its been repaired
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    maybe adhesive then a hose clamp or zip ty to keep it secure?
  4. bwalsh

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    Jan 15, 2009
    The weight of the signal will probably cause any glues adhesives to eventually fail. One thing you might try is a small bit of G-flex...


    I'd try to drill holes(three, four, five?) into both broken pieces and force the epoxy up into these holes so it has anchoring points, besides just the two broken ends. That way the resin will grip inside the holes and give it more surface area to bond to.

    Mix it up and fill the holes, then let the remaining batch sit and start to set up before covering the broken ends. This way it won't "run". Leave a little bit of resin on the outside of the break, wrap some Saran Wrap around the break, then tape, then figure out how to "clamp" it in place so it doesn't separate/slip. Let it sit overnight and it should be good to go. Use only saran wrap as other wraps stick to resins.

    I repaired a broken throttle tube with G Flex and it held amazingly well. I also had colloidal Silica I added as a thickener. The creme yellow part is the G Flex. It just so happened I had a broom handle the exact same diameter as the inside of the tube! Notice the Saran wrap on the broom handle...

    Finished product...


    Sanded the outside some to knock down the high spots. Ain't pretty but it's fixed!


    No overlap of the resin on the inside but as you can see in the third pic, there was some on the outside. I could even apply quite a bit of pressure to it before I heard a "crack". I stopped experimenting with it's strength then. :lol3 Here's a pic of me squeezing it together.


    It didn't break though. That's just sticking to the thin edge of the tube!

    For what it's worth, I was using this "free" CRF throttle tube to use as an insulator on the left handlebar for some heated grips I installed. For some reason it wouldn't slide onto the handlebar so I had to beat it on with a hammer. It did split while doing this but only part of one side. The whole thing is still attached to the tube.

    Good luck

    PS: A little G flex goes a long way! For your repair I'd estimate about one index finger nails worth of epoxy(both parts combined). That will probably be more than enough.
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    Not just unglued, the stalk is broken and the other end is still in the housing.:eek1
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    Slather it with some epoxy or JB weld (also epoxy) and use some masking tape to hold it where you want it while it sets. It will survive at least till the next tip over.
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    Nov 30, 2012
    You sure that's not a KLR? :)
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    I broke my left rear signal and ended up sewing it back on. I had glued it with CA (superglue) and it held pretty well and was ride tested, but I kept bumping it and breaking the bond.

    I took a 1/16" drill bit and some safety wire and stitched it on with three separate pieces of wire. Then I glued it with CA all the way around and then taped it.

    I still bump it often in the garage, it's not going to break off again unless I clip a tree or drop it on a rock.