What makes you change your bike?

Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by David Shapiro, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. PhilB

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    Sep 8, 2012
    New Hampshire
    I pretty much don't. It has to be an outside force or a *great* temptation. I was happy for several years on weird old vintage scooters, most of which I still own; it was the repeal of the national 55mph speed limit that made me change, as I couldn't keep up on the highway anymore on them. (Note: I think that speed limit repeal was unequivocally a good thing for the country, and I'm not complaining about it. That's just what happened.)

    I've been riding my Ducati Monster for almost 20 years, and see no reason to change it. It continues to work great, run well, fit me perfectly, and do everything I want a bike to do. I've testridden almost 50 bikes in the last few years, for fun and to keep current on the tech, and while a lot of these bikes have been better than the old Monster in many aspects, nothing I have ridden has been *enough* better to justify the cost of the upgrade to me. Eventually that could happen. The closest so far has been the Ducati HyperMotard 1100. If my Monster was somehow rendered inoperative or unavailable to me longterm, that's what I would replace it with.

    The biggest risks to my Monster that I can see would be if BMW built a naked K1600R (which is very unlikely), or maybe if MOTUS built a naked bike and it turned out to be a fantastic ride. Other than that, I'll probably ride my Monster 'til one of us is dead.

  2. fireflyr

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    Mar 16, 2008
    Keene, California
    Get out of my head! If I needed a conscience I................. wait.................I give up, you're right.
    My XR is all I ever needed.
  3. ragtoplvr

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    Oct 18, 2007
    central USA
    Usually I change cars or bikes when a mechanic hands me a pistol to put it out of it's misery.

  4. theWolfTamer

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    Jul 3, 2009
    Firmly planted in the Georgia red clay
    This. I have farkled my Gen1 FZ1 just the way I want it and everything is super comfortable now. Aside from not wanting to do all that farkling again (and a matching desire to ride more, farkle less) I haven't ridden anything that has been better for me.
  5. BobPS

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    Sep 14, 2012
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    I've been riding my Monster for about 9 months now. I plan to keep it for a loong time. Just like PhilB, I find it to be the bike that fits me really well. It's the best bike for my needs: for commuting, spirited ride on weekends and long distance ride.

    However ... there's always a "however" :D ... I'm really lusting for a Triumph Tiger 800 ... or a Street Tripple R ...Either one will be a great addition to my stable. I think I need two bikes :D: a Monster for my normal daily ride and T800 for other riding condition and long distance ride. The Street tripple won't fit this, but I still want it :D

    So I don't think I want to change bike in the near future, but I want to have another bike for those ride that, maybe, my Monster won't do well. Frankly speaking, I always worry when I ride my monster in rain. Not worry about the rain or the wet road condition, but I'm worry that those water will short circuit the electrics on my bike. I applied dielectric grease on them, but still....
  6. David Shapiro

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    Oct 30, 2009
    Northern Illinois
    Too bad we couldn't have swapped.:D
    I made the mistake of going to the BMW dealer today. He made a very tempting trade-in offer on the Diavel
    Oh boy, here I go again!!

  7. BobPS

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    Sep 14, 2012
    Jakarta, Indonesia
    So... what are you waiting for? Go for it :D
  8. corndog67

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    Jan 24, 2006
    Santa Maria, CA
    I've had about 42 or 43 bikes in my 40 years of riding, I started when I was about 10.

    It's probably something that 20 years of therapy and some psychotropic drugs could fix, if I wanted it fixed.

    Why do I get another bike? I used to have to have the latest and greatest, fastest, newest, whateverest, you guys know what I mean. Then that started fading, maybe I've gotten some insight into my own mortality, maybe the speed is getting boring, I'm not really sure. Right at the moment, I've got a Ducati S4 916. Been a real good bike. I've had it over 5 years, longer than any other bike I've ever had, and it's been nearly dead nuts reliable. But it's for sale, and it'll probably be gone in a week or two, been a lot of interest. We'll see. I've also got a KTM 950SM, which is a real blast to ride also. Sort of the same as the Duc, but a lot cushier, and more confidence inspiring, especially when things start sliding around. Both bike are not the fastest thing out there, but 100hp is plenty fun 99.9% of the time. What's next? I'm not sure, I'm pretty obsessive/compulsive. Last week I bought an old XR75 Honda, and I've been blasting around the neighborhood on it. I'm checking out big bore and stroker kits for it, I'm upgrading the forks and brakes, just having a blast messing with it.

    But I'm always looking for something else. Always. Not that there is anything wrong with my bikes right now, I just like having something different all the time.
  9. M3-SRT8

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    Jan 16, 2013
    Worcester, Mass
    Why? The reasons are shallower than you think.

    Itsnotthebike's post comes closest to the truth. I'm sure the real reason why I just ordered a new Honda cb1100 when I have a perfectly good '06 Ducati S2R Monster is because of pure, unadulterated vanity.

    I feel much better now.
  10. b1pig

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    Jan 16, 2013
    Ray City, Ga
    i look at it like this.

    Oddly with less "relestate" and only two wheels, motorcycles do more with styling than auto makers. there will almost always only be room for one or two, so styling, handling and power are king.

    when i was a kid, i started drifting towards Kawasaki's. had a '87 mojave 250 and loved it even though it was a heavy pig for a "sport" atv. still, i later ended up with an old honda 450, then a '92 250 nighthawk. later, i got a '91 Suzuki GZX1100G (naked) that was a phenomenal ride... except that it was just too dang heavy. when i was about 25, i fell in love with the 96-03 ZX7 and ZX9. ironic as it is, i later obained one through some horse trading. i have it and really enjoy it....

    although i enjoy owning a machine that has more skill than i do, i've always been an offroad kind of guy... so i have a very strong desire for a KLR 650. I wanted one when i was a teenager.. and i want one now. a guy up the road has one and i just cant afford another bike.

    i find myself drooling all over new machines and lusting after them. knowing i have no ability to buy them.... and i cant even spare the dang time to RIDE them.... motorcycles are attainable treasures. they somehow manage to cram more character into a machine weighing less than 500 pounds than any auto manufacturer can with no weight limit and 4 wheels.
  11. fixinbones

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    Feb 6, 2005
    New York
    For me, its been a combination of reasons. Probably the biggest reason is the fun I enjoy searching for that next bike or car. I love to read the reviews and search for something that might be just a tad better than my current bike. That combined with getting a bit bored with a bike has led me to most of my purchases.
  12. Emperor Norton

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    Jul 2, 2010
    North of Alcatraz
    Boredom and or reality. The grass it always greener, which helps me realize/pick at the perceived shortcomings of my existing ride. I'm in the opposite boat from you. I have a new RT and I love the idea of a Diavel stablemate. Perhaps after I spend more time on the RT I'll want something else for intracity stuff (I bet that new Duke 390 will be light... or that Diavel).
  13. MariusD

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    Dec 19, 2012
    Metairie, near New Orleans
    For me it's about changing needs. My 1st bike was about riding with my buddies, so I got a small cruiser, which worked well. Now, I learned I like to travel on 2 wheels, so I need storage, comfort, and wind protection, so I'm looking at adv bikes.

    Some day... I'll probably start to wonder about going off road... god forbid...
  14. damasovi

    damasovi Long timer

    Nov 8, 2006
    Ensenada, Baja California
    I have only owned 4 bikes in 8 years so I don't change them very often.

    The first bike was damage in a crash and insurance took it away. Then my 3rd bike I had to sell due to a bad economical situation, and bikes 2 and 4 I still have. Bike is a 2005 KLR that I had since new and the scooter is a 2011 I bought in December of that year.

    I am hoping to add 1 more bike and NOT sell anything...

  15. camodog

    camodog Adventurer

    Jul 23, 2012
    Denver, CO
    I traded my VTX cruiser for my new V-strom because i didnt want to be limited to only highway use. There are too many beautiful places in Colorado that do not have paved roads. hell even our paved roads are not very nice. I would say comfort level is the same, and if it speed is what i desire, my gsxr will fill that void.
    I strongly believe in multiple bikes, as i dont think there is one bike that can do it all.
  16. dmac57

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    Jul 20, 2004
    Western NC
    Obviously fixinbones and I were separated at birth...
  17. NJ-Brett

    NJ-Brett Brett

    Sep 8, 2010
    Southern New Jersey
    I sell bikes mostly because they are worn out or they were not bikes I loved to begin with.
    Some bikes are fun to try out, and if you get a used bike at a good price, you can sell it for no loss of money.

    I never bought or sold a bike (or anything else) to upgrade a status symbol or to impress anyone, but always in search of the perfect bike.

    What is my perfect bike?
    Something vintage looking, about 350cc, light, trouble free, good on the street, good 2 up, good in the dirt on mild trails, all day comfort, air cooled.
    They made some close bikes a long time ago, with flaws of the time, almost nothing new comes close.
  18. ysrebob

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    Jan 20, 2007
    Singers Glen, Virginia, USA
    This is so true! Ditto for iPhone contracts, huge houses, and alot of the other things people succumb to (which thereupon chain them and their spouses to grinding overtime work weeks year after year after year to pay for). Material dissatisfaction seems to be a basic flaw in human nature.

    I'm 40 now; must admit to having changed bikes every one-two years on average for my whole adult life despite claiming a "nonmaterialist" point of view. Usually the reason came down to lack of actual riding time: in periods when I was working too hard or had too many family obligations to really get out and RIDE much, I scratched the motorcycle itch by cruising this forum or reading craigslist ads alot... which inevitably led to bike lust and purchases.

    Many of us (USA anyway) have gotton so busy/time-stressed that we compensate for a lack of recreation time by buying things for satisfaction, which then ramps up the pressure to work even more hours. It's hard to opt out of this way of doing things, too: I would gladly work fewer hours for less pay, but as with many folks neither my current career not earlier positions would even PERMIT this (would be perceived as a serious lack of commitment). A bad cycle.
  19. Mr_Gone

    Mr_Gone Innocent culprit

    Jul 18, 2010
    Mountain Home, AR
    I change bikes for two reasons.

    First, I feel confident in buying a bigger/faster bike, and believe I hit my limits with the previous bikes.

    Second, what I wanted my bike to do had changed — e.g. less zipping around town and more long-distance touring.
  20. n8dawg6

    n8dawg6 krunkin'

    Apr 24, 2011
    Ppl change bikes for the same reason my grandma changes cars every 6 months: they don't make a large comfortable one with lots of room, storage space, and power that's also very small, quick, and light and handles great and gets great gas mileage. everything is a tradeoff. most any bike you get is gonna be a compromise of some sort, so it's not gonna be perfect.

    my current XR is a compromise. I want to keep it because: (1) it's awesome, (2) the engine is awesome, (3) it sounds awesome, (4) it is awesome to ride. I want something different because (1) it's not comfortable at all after 100 miles or less, (2) I want something heavier with some wind protection to tour on, (3) I want something lighter that's easier to ride, (4) I want more of a laid back cruiser riding position on a bike I can actually flat foot, and (5) I hate the cruiser riding position, I want my feet underneath me and I haven't been able to flatfoot a bike I've owned in 3 yrs, it's not an issue.

    as you can see, it's an impossible conundrum. I just ride what I've got.