What needs to be done if buying used?

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    If I'm buying a used 60csx, is there anything I need to do before taking ownership? Specifically, does the unit need to be un-registered then re-registered under my name? How about clearing all the previous owners data? I've read on some forums that the 60csx is outdated technology, but still seems to be the gold standard for a lot of ADV members. TIA.

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    Not sure about being the 2nd owner and registration issues. It was hard enough for me, not being great at computer stuff to make it happen the 1st time. I bought a bigger memory card and put in it and then I could get the western US all loaded. I have been happy with mine, never broke down or failed.
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    You've got it.

    Have the current owner unregister the unit. I believe that can be done on the Garmin site.

    Any Lifetime map subscriptions they might have will not transfer. Any maps that do not require a registration key, like the basic Topo, or an old Roads & Rec (also outdated, but great info) will still work for you.

    You can do a hard reset if you like (available from the tools menu), but you don't have to for your purposes.

    While there are many that sing the praises of newer units like the Montana, I own a 60csx and a 376c. Both older technology, but they are as bullet proof as they get, and they have the nice buttons that I like so much. :D

    If you have never owned a GPS before, you will want to work with it, a lot, before ever taking it out and really needing it. Best to have someone else drive around in the cage and sit there in the passenger seat playing with it.