What to do with bike in Vancouver while on a 10 Alaska Cruise

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Stan Dalone, Nov 20, 2012.

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    Hey there fellow inmates
    I am leaving in June 2013 for the dream adventure. 1 year on the road on The Kawasaki Concours with the girl of my dreams
    We have a cruise booked out of Vancouver in August 2013, and it ends in Fairbanks 10 days later.
    How do I get my bike to Alaska? Is there a way without a ton of Bullsheet?

    Its not critical, as I would imagine I can find a place to store it in Vancouver for a couple weeks, and hop a flight back to it. but part of our dream would be to ride out of Alaska and down to the lower 48.
    So, if its to costly to ship it up there, any ideas on the best places to rent a storage shed for a few weeks?

    Any help or info is greatly appreciated.
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    This place will store your bike no worries. http://www.burnabykawasaki.com/index.htm