What works in the rain what doesn't

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Wistrick, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Wistrick

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    Nov 23, 2007
    Please post ur experiences on what works and what doesn't.....

    Took a ride to Baker City Oregon last weened in a pouring rain.......about 6 hours.........

    Bike: 04 Honda VFR 800 ABS

    Helmet Shoei RF 1000 with clear shield treated with Nikwax Visor Proof on outside and Motosolutons Fog tech on the inside.....The only part of this combo that worked well was the visor proof keep the rain off the outside...But once wet the fog tech was worthless....and the fogging was twice as bad..... just couldn't see.. PINLOCK on order....

    Gloves MSR cold pro - these turned into sponges...EPIC FAIL

    Jacket Olympia GT Transition with rain liner under....and heat liner...I didn't realize how wet I was tell I stopped and turned off the jacket liner and realized the t-shirt underneath was soaked..... FAIL

    Pants Aerostich Darien with Serria Trading rain pants (mostly for wind break) I was dry dry dry dry WORKED FAWLESS

    Boot TCX (forget the model) there the ones that replace the Oxtar Matix... My feet where bone dry....WORKED.....

    So from the waist down I was a happy camper and up top not so much.

    lets hear ur stories...

  2. FastDoc98

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    Oct 19, 2008
    Bike: '07 GSA

    Weather: Constant deluge in Monongahela National Forest

    Gear: HJC Carbon - meh. Dry but foggy

    5 year old Firstgear Teton jacket -- total fail, soaked all the way through, arm zippers leak like a sieve

    5 year old Firstgear HT overpants -- total fail, soaked the crotch in no time

    Sidi Canyon boots -- only dry part of my body
  3. Duckworth

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    Apr 15, 2009
    Bike: '03 Concours with a 25.5" Cee Bailey windshield

    Weather: constant rain ranging from stead shower to deluge while riding eight hours on the expressway a couple of years ago.


    HJC CL-12 full face. I wiped the shield with this anti-fog cloth for ski goggles, and it worked okay.

    3 year old Darien Jacket and pants

    Olympia unlined gel-palm gauntlets. Not even remotely waterproff nor intended to be.

    Tourmaster Solution boots

    Result: I was bone-dry except for my gloves/hands.
  4. p0diabl0

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    Feb 25, 2011
    San Diego
    Waterproofing in a jacket or pants is always going to be sketchy. It will go long before the piece of gear has worn out in other respects. I prefer to keep a rain suit to go over whatever I may be wearing at the time - can be replaced cheaply as needed.

    Right now I have these:

    The only time they let me down was the pants - I wore them backwards once on accident :rofl
  5. spoon

    spoon Rubber's gone!

    May 15, 2007
    Snow in New Mexico
    Bike: BMW Rockster (naked with a windshield and handguards)
    Pants and jacket: Doesn't matter - Triumph Chevron one piece rain suit. Works great in the Southwest, you might steam in the East.
    Helmet: Arie Profile, fogs, forcing you to open the face shield, which lets water in. Not great.
    Boots: Doesn't matter - Tourmaster boot covers. Works great.
    Gloves: Again I use a rain cover. Works OK.
    Handguards don't help much with keeping rain off the gloves. They do keep most of the bugs off though.
  6. ontic


    Jul 14, 2008
    bikes: airheads
    Helmet: Arai vector. Great helmet, but I use no fog products so it fogs and opening it up can let in a bit of water down the back of the screen... OK, but the weakest link. Got to sort out the fogging issue.
    Jacket: bmw RP2. I got this jacket without the liner and instead wear a TAD Gear eVent hardshell ('Raptor' or something like that) as an under liner. Absolutely Awesome hardshell- I did all the research and cannot recomend this American product enough. (this also doubles as an actual waterproof jacket I can wear while traveling- unlike the stock bmw goretex liner which I would struggle to wear on its own). This hardshell is completely waterproof and breathes a lot better than goretex- and it also has a range of venting capability which comes in real handy. In really cold weather I can wear the fold out hood under my helmet. It really works great.
    Gloves: bmw goretex winter gloves. Bone dry all the time. If it is hot and wet, then I just wear my leather gloves and have wet hands.
    Pants: bmw RP2 with stock goretex liner. Bone dry all the time, though doesn't breath as well as eVent.
    Boots: bmw Savannah (goretex). Bone dry all the time.

    In short, if I do up my gear properly and take care of the finer details (neck, wrists, waste) then I can ride through absolutely pouring rain for hour after hour and stay bone dry on the inside. Of course the bmw inner-liner thing leaves you with a saturated and heavy 'outer' suit. A compromise of course- one that some may not like but that I am quite happy with. I can wear this one suit with or without liner and layering in sub-freezing to over 40C temps.

    If I commuted instead of traveled on my bike I would get more gear that was more season specific- or maybe at least a one piece waterproof over-suit.
  7. eddie98

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    Jan 16, 2007
    Kennesaw, GA
    Bike: Vstrom 650
    Summer and warm weather I always carry my rain suit, Frog Toggs that about 3 yrs aols and the pants need to be replaced. After 1hr in the rain the crotch gets wet. The top still works very well and keeps my Tourmaster Intake mesh jacket dry.
    Gloves, I have no gear for that. I need to get some covers.
    Boots, Astars that are waterproof and still work well after 4 yrs.
    Helmet, Arai. It fogs a bit but I can still see.

    Winter: (anything below 70F)
    Jacket, Olympia AST works very well in the rain.
    Pants, Olympia Ranger II also waterproof and work very well.
    Boots, same as above.
    Gloves, Gerbins electric gloves.
  8. ph0rk

    ph0rk Doesn't Care

    Dec 17, 2009
    Southern Appalachians
    I have never had a rain problem in one hour storms provided I put on my gear right, be it frogg toggs, Olympia liners, or a firstgear rainier. If your neck gets wet at any point, you can bet on your chest or back being wet, too.

    For storms longer than an hour or so, that's why you wear gear that insulates while wet.

    I agree with the guys at WBW - there is no such thing as waterproof riding gear, just varying levels of water resistant. And they all lose water resistance with time and use.

    BUZZARD II Old Geezer

    Jun 4, 2007
    First Gear rainsuit: Works well but hot and muggy, pants leg will melt on pipes.

    Frogg Toggs: OK in light rain, real nice in southern heat. Pants leg will melt and the suit itself is a fire hazard near an open flame. Ask my wife after I threw her on the ground and rolled her in the dirt to put out the fire. This suit can be very dangerous.

    Darian, lightweight: This is the all time winner. Mine is around ten years old and does not have the ultrasuede collar. I wish it did because the thing is a dirty mess that cannot be cleaned. This is my go to suit for cross country trips and has never leaked. It flows a lot of air if the wrists and back are vented so it works well in the summer too. I have toured in 26 degree temps with the electric liner blasting on top of polartec sweats across five states. This suit does it all.
  10. skierd

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    Jan 29, 2008
    Fairbanks, AK
    Bike: 2008 WR250R

    What has worked:
    Klim Traverse Jacket
    Aerostich Darien Jacket (sold, too bulky)
    Alpinestars Sigma Drystar jacket (sold, too short at the waist to cover the tops of my pants)
    Klim Stowaway rain shell (sold, regret it, needed money at the time)

    Aerostich AD1 pants
    Olympia Airglide2 w/ liner (sold, lost too much weight and was in between sizes)
    cheap Coleman pvc rain pants from walmart

    Tourmaster Solution boots
    Alpinestars Scout Dryster boots

    What hasn't worked:
    Olympia AST - like a sponge, soaked me bad several times before selling
    Fieldsheer Mercury - worse than above
    Tourmaster HT Air - ok for maybe 5-10 mins in a serious storm
    Cheap cycle store rain suit - wasn't waterproof, water soaked through the nylong. seams weren't even sealed lol.

    What kinda worked:
    Teiz Motorsports Lombard v2. Had some leaks with the vent zippers and main zipper, but it would take time in serious rain (15-20mins) and most of the leaks appeared after crashing in it at 40mph. When new and with fresh waterproofing treatment it was solid for a couple hours (longest ride).
    BMW ProRain 2 - waterproof? Yes. Hard to get on over boots while dancing around on the side of the highway as the rain starts coming down? Also yes. Sweaty as hell once the rain stopped and the summer sun came back out? Yes again.
  11. muddbutt

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    Aug 1, 2010
    Farmington Hills, MI
    What works: frog toggs rainsuit. End of story. Takes 30 seconds to put on, and all your worries about rain gear are over. Plus it breathes and is easy to open while you are riding if the rain stops and you need airflow.
  12. ckjackson1

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    Jan 21, 2010
    Orangeville, NSW
    Full Rain Suit, as long as it keeps the water out is the only requirement i would have thought.

    One of my favourites though is the old "Dishwashing Gloves" put over the top of the expensive riding gloves has to be one of the greatest ideas known to mankind????

    Not a fan of riding in the rain at anytime however if my hands are wet and cold then that just makes me a very unhappy camper!!

  13. rbrsddn

    rbrsddn 3banger

    Oct 31, 2006
    I rode 5+ hours home from Vermont a few years ago wearing Frogg Toggs, in Torrential rain the whole way home. I mean pissing down. The only part of me that was wet was my collar. I love the way that they pack so small. Can't beat them.
  14. Ultravoyageant

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    Jan 2, 2010
    The congested burbs 62 furlongs west of Brick City
    Bike: Yamaha FJ1100

    In the summer and warm weather I use Frog Toggs. Fantastic.
    For gloves I use Rev'it GT H2O gloves. Completely waterproof, even in day long monsoon rain, comfortable from about 60-80 degrees. Rev'its gloves are the only thing they make that I trust. The rest is garbage.

    For cooler weather I use a First Gear Killimanjaro. Completely waterproof, all day long. The only thing is the back of my collar can get damp on the slab in monsoon rain. For pants I use the Olympia Ranger 2. Awesome pant, has kept me completely dry all day in the rain. I use TCX gore-tex Air boots all year, and they always keep me dry. For gloves I use Rev'it Tempest H2O gloves from about 60 to the mid 40's, and for anything below that I use Gerbings T5 gloves. Both keep me completely dry. They get heavy from the water, but it doesn't come through. I also have Rev'it Drystar balaclava, which I use in cool wet weather. Works a treat.
  15. xianx

    xianx High On Life

    May 26, 2010
    Up until yesterday i used to ride an 07 FZ1:cry(had to sell it)
    Been caught in the rain multiple times in this set up with a variation on the boots.

    Starting from the head down.

    Helmet - AGV Stealth Shadow. A few drops come up from underneath but thats it. still not a fan though, my schnoz is a little too big and rubs the front.

    Jacket - Firstgear Kilimanjaro. No complaints, works great

    Gloves - Icon original Timax. Not waterproof. But i knew that, i just never did get around to buying a waterproof set. Not that i'll have to worry about that now.

    Pants - Firstgear HT Overpants. No complaints, works great.

    Boots - Alpinestars Ridge Waterproof boot. Work great but look like damn moon boots, i feel like Napoleon Dynamite every time i put them on. OR My work boots, Red Wing model #4445, 11inch insulated waterproof steel toe pull on. My weapon of choice for my feet. I might buy something crappy for work so i can keep these for riding.

    Other than my hands ive never had any problems dealing with the elements.
  16. Subutai

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    Nov 27, 2010
    Summer thunderstorm in Finland, cars & bikes pull to the roadside, visibility nonexistent in accord of water coming down.

    Bike '92 Fireblade.

    Shark RSR2. Water from all the holes, face dry, brow wet from water ingress through visor seal.

    Scott Drake jacket & pants (Tri-Phase) Groin wet, otherwise good. Finally noticed pockets not waterproof. New cellphone and wallet from insurance.

    RPM gloves soaked.

    StylMartin boots, feet dry. Brand of choice pretty much from now on, currently minor detour to A-stars.
  17. Noone

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    Aug 23, 2009
    Sitting at a Cross Roads lookin' for a sign
    I use Wally World rain gear. It is a bit hot in the summer. The jacket has a hood and I can put my helmet on over the hood. Super extra big dish washing gloves. Slip on boot covers from First Gear are very good for dry but a bit slippery to walk in. I buy the suits two sizes too large for fast on and off.
  18. USAIR

    USAIR picking and riding

    May 4, 2008
    Northern Kentucky
    Just finished a trip to Canada and Alaska.
    Lots of rain,snow and sleet.
    I used First Gear TPG.

    Escape pant and Rainier jacket.
    One day 10 hrs of riding in the rain and sleet either pant or jacket leaked.
    One day even forgot to zip pockets closed on the pant still never leaked.

    I know others who haven't had my results but mine have never leaked not even a drop.

  19. Captain Beardylocks

    Captain Beardylocks travelling beardo

    Aug 28, 2009
    Birthplace of the Revolution (MA)
    Firstgear Ranier TPG jacket/pants (1st generation): the outside pockets are advertised as totally waterproof, but that hasn't been my experience. they don't fill up with water or anything, but they certainly get damp. it keeps me totally dry inside, though, so I just keep anything important in the inside pockets. The under-helmet hood is a great touch. The pants have leaked a bit on the longer rides through some significant rain, but not dramatically. The jacket hasn't leaked through to me yet (at east when I remember to close the vents)

    Weise Oslo waterprooof gloves: totally waterproof, super comfortable, great for cold weather and deal with sweat buildup very effectively. the only annoying thing is that the liner (thinsulate?) clings to wet hands and bunches up a bit, so pulling them back on if your hands got soaked in the rain is a bit funky. it's a very minor inconvenience for a really excellent pair of gloves, especially for the price. I'd get 'em again in a second.

    TCX infinity boots: 100% waterproof through pouring-deluge-apocalyptic rain. used for daily riding in year round rain/sleet/slush/snow etc... possibly my best gear purchase ever.
  20. bomber60015

    bomber60015 tikkun olam

    Sep 11, 2008
    Bike, 07 Tiger - multiphour gully washers . . . . .

    Lid -- Nolan N-103 -- with pinloc -- fog free, but very minor leakage around the shield gasket, resulting in small amount of moisture on teh inside surface of the shield -- annoying, but not worth ditching the lid

    Aerostich two-piece (washed with Nikwax stuff, seams sealed) -- dry. Absolutely dry.

    Boots -- Sidi On-Road SYmpatex boots (approx 10 years olf) -- dry dog rock!

    Gloves -- doesn't matter. I've never found a pair of gloves that were highly water resistant unless they were also bilt for low temperatures -- I tent to ride with my Elk Skin Ropers (which will keep my hands dry for a hour or so), and carry a spare pair of gloves . . . ..