What would Teddy Roosevelt ride?

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    Teddy was one of the country's best Presidents. Do not forget that anti-Child labor laws came into effect under his watch. He was very progressive moving this country forward while preserving the good things that we had. The National Park system did not happen while he was President, but while he was the Secretary of the interior. If you want a real interesting read look up that section. Congress was getting anxious about the amount of land being set aside, the railroads wanted more access. So Congress set a time limit, but made it so that "once it was done, it was done". Teddy and some buds locked themselves in an office and set aside vast tracks of land and there was nothing Congress could do, it was a brilliant end run.

    TR was very sickly as a child and even into early adulthood. He liked to prove that he was a "man's man" at every opportunity. Therefore I see him either on a R1200GS or a KTM 990 Adventure models of course, fully outfitted with all of the farkles a man of his wealth could want.
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    Let's see, rough rider, big stick and didn't he call his big bore rifle big medicine? I'd say he'd ride a 950 Super Enduro. :rofl
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    He would definitely ride a Harley, dress like a pirate, and snort through his nose at the idea of ATTGATT.
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    I think he'd ride a 42 WLA. Add a side car for bringing home a moose. It would include the rifle scabbard just incase any war mongering is required along the way.