Whatcha Workin on?

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    Jan 2, 2006
    Springfield,,,,like the Simpsons,,,orygun
    should be workin on yer attitude!
    You can't continually tell the dim-wits, and dumbfucks all the ways you want to eliminate them,,won't go over real big with most folks!
    or fuck them,, be real all the way to the grave!
    I intend to be just that person!
    Love you Wibster,,wish you coulda,,you would have loved it!
    I'm working on doing too much hourly input,,way over my quoted price,,so, I'll eat the poop on this one, and hope for creating a return customer. I have always been terrible at quoting fabrication stuff,,so I usually leave a lot on the table,,or work for next to nuthin,,dumbass me!
    You'd think after all these years in business I'd learn to make some money from this place,,:lol3,:huh
    I'd rather be riding.:freaky

    And,,there ain't nuthin sadder than an empty whiskey bottle,,right when I wanted "just one more",,,(Shogs)