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    Ok so I have:deal a 2006 Ktm adventure lc4. So it is pretty much stock except saddle bags and Heidenau k60 90/90/21 140/80/18. Now I have heard a lot of negative comments about the tires. Like from my friend who has a vstrom he has the 150 rear tire and I know it is a different design than my rear. but the fronts are same tread design just different size, he pretty much hates the tires. loud. Non confidence inspiring basically. Now me on the other hand. I ride like I stole the bike in rain or tsunami. The front tire will lift easily and I can corner like an mfer. Lotsa work to make it slide great traction off-road aswell. Not a knobbie but great none the less now in another post another rider has the same problem as my friend. Slippy slide and won't track straight. Is this the design and sizing difference or some other factor. My vstrom friend loved his tkc80s on the road better. This is just odd to ky that I have heard and read such drastic differences. Any ideas
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    tire pressure!