What's the hurry?!

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    Aug 16, 2009
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    I grew up in the midwest and part of the west in both rural and urban sprawls. I can understand drivers driving like maniacs in the cities but not so much in the country. The ratio of assholes-to-people bring out the numbers in the cities over the sparsely populated countryside.

    Ever since I moved and explored the east, seems like the majority of Cagers drive like retarded Nascar fans; especially in the countryside.

    I can understand doing 5 over but I'll often get passed as if I were standing still by both cars and semi-trucks (even charter buses!). Come to find out, 15 over seems to be the norm on most roads. After being passed by Ricky Bobby, the driver sure loves to see how many microns they can manage between my front fender and their rear bumper.

    Am I over reacting as I try to be a responsible rider or has anyone else noticed the shitty habits of the local Cagers?
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    Oct 18, 2009
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    They all moved here/there from NJ. :D
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    Dec 20, 2008
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    and Maryland....

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    the coasts do seem to run faster (you should try southern CA) Stay right and ride your own ride.
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    Am afraid NM has their share of nuts behind the wheels....imported or homemade, they all must be considered dangerous.
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    Sep 10, 2005
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    Guess the locals aren't keeping up with the times. State speed limits in VA, other than residential, and in NC are 55 if the road is not posted. People growing up in rural country areas with curvy roads are accustomed to getting on down the road. People move into the area increasing traffic but also don't have experience or ability to travel the roads at said speed. Only lately as traffic has increased have speed limits signs started to pop up with lower limits. Hard to make people change just because someone posted a sign.

    Perfect example is Deals Gap. The posted speed limit was 55 until about ten years ago, then has slowly been lowered to 45, 35 and now 30. The road is better than it ever has been but as the traffic has risen and the level of competence has shrunk so has the speed limit.

    Tailgating is another matter, folks in cars just don't realize how fast you would stop if you were to fall in front of them. Best suggestion would be to be courteous and find a safe place to pull over to get out of the way. Enjoy your ride and let others enjoy theres.
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    The newest segment of the population that keeps trying to kill me on my bike is Seniors with Cell phones!!
    I'm serious, it seems like I see one every day, god help us if they start texting too!!