When do you call it quits?

Discussion in 'Face Plant' started by Colorado Ron, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Katoom72

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    Jun 3, 2012
    I did the same and bought a boat.
    One year later the boat sits in the shed and i went from 0 bikes to 2 bikes. :D

    It's a disease, one that sticks with you for the rest of your life.
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  2. twinjet

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    Apr 28, 2009
    When I was a younger guy it was when St. Peter wouldn't let me go back.
    Later it was when I couldn't get the bike started.
    Then it became when I couldn't hold the bike up.
    Lately it's if I can't get my leg over.
  3. easyrider88

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    Jun 14, 2010
    i agree.deer in wisconsin are way too unpredictable.whereas a big dump truck you can see and hear.
  4. Gundy

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    Nov 6, 2010
    Philly 'burbs
    Not the big dump trucks I'm worried about....more so the Jetta with a texter behind the wheel or the retiree in the town car who can't/won't bother to turn their neck and look
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  5. Plaka

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    Jun 19, 2010
    You call it quits when it isn't fun anymore.

    One of my early riding mentors told me two things I have never forgotten:

    1) Never underestimate how cold you can get on a motorcycle.

    2) If you think about crashing all the time, you won't have any fun.

    The second one really involves having a kind of tame paranoia. The trick is keeping it tamed. There have been times, often for a year or more, that I haven't ridden. I just had the feeling that if I did I was going to get myself dead. I just took the bike apart. Sometimes my life is like that. You don't ever have to call it quits exactly--but you might not have a bike. You ditch the old helmet but you keep your leathers and boots. if they're still in the closet when you head for the pearly gates, so what? But if you seriously get the itch again, get a bike and a new helmet and try it out. You'll be back having fun or you won't.

    You cannot predict the future. You cannot say that the way you feel now is the way you will fell a few years from now. Much can happen (often pretty sad things) that can change your outlook considerably. I think it best not to consider any chapter closed---mostly written perhaps, but not closed.

    I remember, when I must, that it was a pretty sad thing that got me into motorcycling. I was running away from something that hurt, looking for distractions from pain. I didn't grow up with bikes although by my mid 20's I had a number of friends that rode. The pain eased in time but I was hooked on bikes. I still am. But still there are days, or months, that I don't ride. Sometimes I know it's OK, sometimes I know I will just try to kill myself. Some pains don't fade and sometimes you are tempted by the ultimate distraction. So I remain ever guarded. I'm OK with it I guess. It's the hand I was dealt and I play it. But I'm always open to it changing, to new things---even if there isn't a motorcycle in the picture anymore.

    PETDOC Long timer

    Dec 28, 2002
    Interesting thread. I've been riding since I was 17; am now 63. I've had 7 motorcycles and have put about 300,000 miles in the saddle. During the 80's I rode my BMW R80/7 daily for 6 years, rain/shine, light/dark, hot/cold; one morning I rode to work when it was 24 degrees below zero. Toward the end of the 80's when leaving from home or work I found myself always getting in the far left lane of the interstate and passing everything in sight just to get where I was going; the joy was gone. I realized I was headed for trouble and sold my bike with no intention of ever riding again. Twelve years later my wife asked me if I had ever thought about riding again. I said no! She said I just didn't seem to be having as much fun anymore. That stung a little, so I began to research the newer BMWs and finally bought a GS in 2004. First few months I felt as though I had made a colossal mistake, but with time I found I loved riding every bit as much as I had before. I've been in most States on that bike.
    So it's ok to quite riding, but it doesn't necessarily mean you'll never go back to it.
  7. yegdod1

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    Dec 27, 2012

    Do what makes you happy,

    I helped a brother through rehab after bike crash and i hated it, 12months of hell.

    Sold my sports bike and got a dually,,,,,,,,
    I now ride all the time again SAFELY

    ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN TO YOU AT ANY TIME, The world can be a dangerous place,

    If you still enjoy riding, dont be scared of WHAT MAY HAPPEN...DO IT,,,,
  8. DougFromKentucky

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    May 22, 2008
    Bowling Green, Kentucky
    I am 61 and have been riding since I was 11. I just had my fourth heard attack two weeks ago. I have already been back on our Honda Helix for two short rides and plan on riding my Vstrom to a rally next weekend if I can get it back together in time as I tore the back end off it for some work to it just before my heart attack. The work is done, I just need some days with the temp above 50 to get the work done.

    I have thought about quitting riding but I get such great joy from it I don't think I can. I don't really worry about getting killed on my bike but it scares the crap out of me to think that I may get crippled from an accident. Dying doesn't scare me anymore. Hurting does.

    I do understand where the OP is coming from. I stopped riding when my wife got pregnant with our son. Started again when he was in Highschool. Felt like a big part of me was not fulfilled during that time I wasn't riding but having my son made it worthwhile. I would do it again.
  9. One Less Harley

    One Less Harley OH.THAT'S GONNA HURT

    Nov 16, 2006
    Bowling Green, Ky
    Hey Doug, seems like us KY riders have had a bit of bad luck, can't compete w/ a heart attack and don't want to. Hope your feeling better soon, try to quit smoking that might help you......:D

    I hit a goat march 9th, thank goodness for AGATT, was unconscious for over 5 minutes. I was told my head hit the pavement, and the old G/S was lying on top of me.Nothing a few bruises and very sore hip joint and pubic symphysis. 1st week recovery a pretty tender, but now I'm at about 85% but still stiff in the hip. Of course I've been back out on the motorcycle. back on the bicycle trainer last Friday, then on the road Sat, trying to loosen things back up ASAP.
  10. dancerdave

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    Dec 9, 2003
    I saw it all.
  11. Bar None

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    Mar 2, 2007
    " try to quit smoking that might help you"
    Still smoking? You gotta be kidding? Say you are kidding.
  12. Arctic Orange

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    Feb 25, 2006
    frozen Alaska to soggy PNW and back
    Several months back my 85 year old dad called it quits. He low-sided his 2012 HD Dyna in a slow 35 mph curve. Last thing he remembered was watching the front tire near the fog line, then looks up at a para-medic standing above him. Good thing he started wearing a full face instead of the Harley 1/2 shell! Face sheild and chin bar took a beating for him!

    1 week in hospital and 6 in assisted living/rehab. Dad had been riding since the late 30's, it was hard to believe it when he said the Dyna was for sale.
    His choice alone, no pressure from any body else. "You chose wisely" Dad.
  13. Colorado Ron

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    Jan 15, 2006
    Frederick CO
    WOW!! Im shocked after reading all this! I haven't been back since page 4! Sounds like the post was good for some! Just to fill everyone in:

    Kid #7 is here! Apparently my wife was pregnant when I left for that trip so who knows, but I think someone was looking out for me!!

    Last week I was in the shop cleaning things up for spring. With all the previous years it also included going through my bike. Out of habit I pulled the cover off totally expecting to see my bike and not a pile of broken parts. I decided to walk over to my neighbors and take his bike for a ride. It was a nice day and it just felt right.
    "IM BACK IN THE SADDLE AGAIN!!!! Im back....." is the song lyrics I could hear over and over playing in my head. It felt great.

    I put the Africa Twin in the center of the garage, and started removing parts. Everything is now inventoried and I have just placed a rather large order with Rugged Roads to create the ultimate Africa Twin, nicknamed Resurrection!

    Take care everyone and ride safe!
  14. Colorado Ron

    Colorado Ron Expedition Junkie

    Jan 15, 2006
    Frederick CO
  15. p3ga

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    Sep 28, 2004
    The Home for the Terminally Bored.
    :eek1 You really need to keep that thing in your pants.

    I've been off the street since mine started riding in the dirt seven years ago. He's progressed from a 50 to now, a 250 (big kid). Too many nights stacking KTM 50 clutches, too many miles chasing $10 trophies, but looking back, I wouldn't trade a minute of it.

    It's been a lot more fun watching him mature as a rider & riding with him every once in a while.

    Hopefully you'll have as much enjoyment teaching & watching your gaggle of kids ride as I have with mine.
  16. O.C.F.RIDER

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    Feb 28, 2004
    Hewitt,New Jerseystan, OBAMANATION
    Since that post (1/13), which was typed with a broken wrist from a dirt-bike high-side, I had a hair raising street bike crash in June 2013. I hit sand in a beautiful turn at almost 100 mph, and low-sided my lovely ZRX 1200. Got away with some nasty road-rash on my right calf, knee, and elbow, and that was it. Leg wound was my fault due to shitty pants. Do I know better? Yup, but wore them anyway. Oh well. Ground a brandy new Arai FF all to hell, but I'm no uglier than before the crash.
    Bottom line........
    time to call it quits?
    HELL NO! I was ordering parts for the bike 2 days after the mishap.
    Turned out quite nice too........
    Going stir crazy now because this winter will not end, and I WANT TO RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Bill Harris

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    Sep 20, 2008
    backwoods Alabama
    Wow. Nice thread.

    Sometimes you have to listen to that Inner Voice. When I was 17, I got T-boned on my bike and took a break healing, finishing highschool and going to college. Finished school, got settled in a career-job, bought my BMW bike in '74. Rode for years. But went through a divorce and social restructuring in 1990, and the Voice said take a break. Settled in and bought a house in the late '90's, resurrected the R60 and started riding again. I enjoy riding, but sometimes a vacation from it helps.

  18. obsidian16825

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    Dec 20, 2013
    I thought when I first saw the dates that someone had resurrected an old thread and the original poster was long gone from the forum, but I browsed on over to the last page and see that you're back and in the saddle again after taking a break. Congratulations on the new member of your family.
    Since it's been a while, did you keep your motorcycle endorsement on your license? May I gently suggest going ahead and taking a rider course as a refresher to get your sea legs, so to speak, back? If nothing else, maybe your insurance company gives 10% discount on motorcycle liability insurance for taking an MSF course. Even if you don't feel like you want to take a course again, if you start to feel odd back on the street, or your family is nervous, it can be comforting to get on a motorcycle range and run through exercises. At least, I find it comforting, but conducting motorcycle courses is my primary job. You could check your area for Bike Bonding, Ultimate Bike Bonding, and Advanced Rider Courses. Those are new, more advanced, courses MSF has come out with in the last couple of years.
  19. Kawasakirob

    Kawasakirob phone wallet keys

    Jan 1, 2014
    Grand Lake, CO
    I'll never hang up the leathers. That being said, I've definitely have had my fair share of get offs in numerous different scenarios. Trial by fire I guess. It would be excruciating to become paralyzed from a bike or to have some sort of injury that would prohibit motorcycle riding/day to day life.... But as a motorcyclist, a rider simply cannot afford to think those thoughts. If it happens it happens. Once thoughts start creeping in your head ( the what ifs) its over. Live, learn, move forward. No time for dwelling.
  20. husqvarna

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    May 29, 2007
    Darkest Efrika
    Good thread. I'm 59 and have just started rehab after a bloody mountain bike get off cost me 3 broken ribs, punctured lung and broken clavicle 10 days ago. Dangerous things push bikes.

    I miss riding like crazy and after a week in hospital I can see myself at least starting the dirt bikes.

    I've ridden since 14, suffered wrecked knee, a few crushed vertebrae and sundry finger and foot damage. I hope I can get back asap. No thought of giving up. Please no. As Meatloaf says; "anything but that".