When waterproof is not.......

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    Aug 1, 2010
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    Interesting to read the different threads about waterproof gear covers, suits, and the like. Some is and some is not.

    That's just what I wanted to avoid at all costs with my stuff. King of Fleece SplitWeight(tm) waterproof/stretchable seat covers are waterproof. Period.

    5 out of 5 stars in MCN, or you can look at the WebBikeWorld review. The reviewer tied my cover up, filled it with water, and hung it in his basement for a few days. No leaks.

    In over 600 covers delivered I've never had one returned. A customer just e-mailed the other day to tell me his is still going after 20K. I said "yes, I expect that". We have some test covers with close to 100K on them.

    Who uses them? Riders who have custom seats and want to protect them and riders who use some sort of seat pad. The custom guys don't want their leather surface to get wrecked and the pad users like having the benefit of the pad during all weather riding. When it gets dry simply remove the cover. Or, leave it on during an "iffy" weather outing. Won't hurt a thing.

    All information, third party reviews, fitment charts, and more at www.kingoffleece.com. Look in vendor section for ADV special.