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    Jul 5, 2013
    O.k. I'm new here. I have read lots of the posts here and I think I know what I want to do but I'm not positive yet. I will do road trips mainly. I'm now on a Ducati 1200s GT. I want to have a GPS (Garmin 655LM?) for GPS and XM and a smart phone (I think I want to run Android but don't have one yet; I'm on att service now) tied via Bluetooth to ear buds in the helmet. I've installed a fused power outlet on the steering head so I can power everything and save the batteries. I don't have a headset yet either. Which one is recommended? I wear ear plugs when riding now so want to just use ear buds instead. I've installed a tank bag that will hold the GPS and maybe the smart phone as well. Will the above work and what am I overlooking? All assistance and advice is appreciated. I'm ready to get this done. Thanks.
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    I would not get a Garmin 665. Way too much $ for a product that works if and when it wants to. Good luck with you decision.
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    Experience varies with a 665 depending on the amount of integration you want to do.

    Personally, I am not getting XM any more on units as I can do most of the planning I need with a smart phone and store my music there as well. But the Garmin 660 series has been the only more road oriented unit that will handle tracks, and that is important to me.