where did my FM / FS thread go ? 934322 - 2010 JSW TDI DSG, Columbus, OH

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    Sep 9, 2007
    Dear ADV admins, mods, etc.
    first of all thanks for all the hard work you do and the time you invest to keep this great community going. I have sold multiple things to fellow inmates and was also offering my wife's JSW TDI on the OTHER section of the FM yesterday.
    However the ad disappeared today for reasons unknown to me.
    no big deal - just wanted to ask, whenever someone has time, if it were possible to look into that - i would be much obliged.


    this was the thread

    and i read the FM rules religiously as i post a new listing:


    Edited to prevent you posting the same information here.

    You figured the problem out on your own.

    Follow the rules and your ads won't be deleted.