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    Here in Colorado, a salvage title cannot be registered. To get a registration on a vehicle with a salvage title one has to jump through a few legal hoops as evidenced by this list:

    * Fill out a Salvage Title Statement of Fact. This form requests declaration of the methods and parts used to transform the vehicle into a condition deemed acceptable to drive on Colorado roads.

    * On the salvage title, sign off in the provided area attesting to the vehicle being roadworthy.

    * As stated by Colorado law, the words "Rebuilt From Salvage" are required to be etched or stamped onto the vehicle in letters 1/4 inch high or larger. On most motor vehicles, the proper spot is the post to which the driver's door fastens.

    * Have the vehicle inspected (fee of $20 for this service) and a Verification of Vehicle Identification Number completed by a law enforcement officer. Contact your local title and registration office for a referral(Colorado State Patrol, by appointment only with limited dates/time slots here in northern Colorado). An inspection must be less than one year old.

    * Bring all of the forms, receipts for parts, and inspection approval to the title and registration office to complete the application process.

    So, one can see that a salvage title is not as desirable here in Colorado. As far as convenience of getting a "real" title it is hardly any better than "no title", though no surety bond requirement is a plus.

    Also, it was salvaged for a reason and that may have involved significant damage. Some damage can be laborious to determine it's presence or severity.

    I want an R80ST. A tight budget meant I couldn't get one for sale in Denver this past summer, but someone got a good deal on a very nice one.