who knows about regulator/rectifiers

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    May 3, 2010
    first off i know roughly what the unit does.
    i am having difficulty finding a direct replacement for my unit, so i am looking for one from a different model.

    my bike gilera 125 apache 1992
    the reg/rec is made by motoplat
    it has 4 spade connectors
    it has 2 yellow wires from the stator - i think this means it is single phase
    1 red wire - this has a "switch" symbol on the unit and connects to lights etc
    1 red/black wire - this connects to battery, cdi and ignition switch

    i have tested it with an ohmeter and i am getting short circuits where i should not.
    the bike will ride all day and start with the electric start all the time. but if i use the lights at all they fade to nothing within 5 minutes but the bike still runs the same
    the stator appears to test fine.

    i have seen plenty of single phase rec/regs for scooters on ebay.co.uk
    most have 5 terminals but the fifth one is an earth

    apart from the mounting holes being different i do not know what i need to take into consideration.
    all advice greatly appreciated