Who turned out the lights?

Discussion in 'Alaska' started by Cubdriver, Dec 29, 2012.

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    Apr 20, 2006
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    Well, nice of you to think of me and while I don't mind moving any of yours, I'm not too in my own DR or tutu. :huh :lol2

    I wasn't really all that interested in Monsters either till I helped move that first one. The owner, Terra, an ex-gf of the GM of Motocorsa Ducati in Portland had done things to make it a much more attractive package. :wink:

    So I ended up with this lovely S4R that took 1st Place in the Sportbike Div at the annual Bike Show. Hmm, wonder if maybe I should get it back? :D Mark H.

    Oh and fyi, Ducati decided to bring this blue & white color scheme back on one of this year's Diavel. :brow