Whole of trip in one route. Will it work?

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    Hey Guys,

    I'm a GPS newb. I'm planning a trip from London to Cannes going through Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Italy. The whole trip should be about 1600 miles plus the millage back which I havent calculated nor routed yet.

    I've laid down a basic route on google maps and then replicated it on Garmins Basecamp to then load on my BMW navigator IV. It seems to work alright so far but I have a few doubts and was hoping some of you GPS gurus could shine a light on some of them. I'd be eternally grateful for the help.

    Here they go:

    — I've used quite a lot of those little black dots to move the route around and force the use of some roads. Will my gps go haywire if I go out of the route for a second and try to force me to navigate through every point instead of just help me rejoin the route and continue from there?

    — I've put the whole 1600 miles in one big route. When I load it into the GPS it wont calculate the whole thing and it says it will recalculate it as it gets near the points. Can i trust it?

    — If I'd want to break this down on legs, one for each day of riding, is there an easy way of doing it without having to redo the whole thing?

    — Can anyone take a look at my GPX file and offer me some critique? (download it here http://we.tl/4HRnLUZVgc)

    Thanks a lot fellas. I know I may be asking for a lot but I'm just trying not to make a mess of my first "long" (don't laugh here you RTW people) trip.

    Thanks a whole lot.


    Here is a Link to the GPX again http://we.tl/4HRnLUZVgc
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    I don't know enough to give you a solid "no" because I don't know the limitations of the navigator 4. However, using GPS for quite a while and having run into some strange quirks, I can give you a recommendation, but its only that. I would break that up into reasonable legs. Break it up by day, by country, by 300 mile segments, whatever. It is easier than you think to confuse the GPS. I assume you are converting to routes and pre-loading? I've had several instances with my Zumo where if I have a route that is too long, at around the 700 mile mark the GPS has shit itself and reset all the data. Don't know why, but others have mentioned it as well.

    Sorry to ramble, but that's just my $.02......
  4. Twilight Error

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    Are you using Basecamp or Mapsource to plot the route? I can tell you how to split it into daily segments (there are several good reasons for doing this), but the process is not the same between the two programs.
  5. Emoto

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    I would break it into days; one route for each day. If it is called "Trip" then name them Trip1, Trip2, etc. Otherwise your GPS is spooling up the whole thing every time. Practically speaking, there is also a limit to how many waypoints a single route can hold. If your giant route exceeds that (sorry I do not know the number) then you will lose part of your route.
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    Like Emoto said, break it up. I did find it was easier for me to name each segment # first (01 trip, 02 trip) then they appear in order from the top of the route list. The advantage to breaking it up also allows you to lay out some alternate routes to places of interest, or to miss traffic/weather, or to get in the hills rather then on the freeway. That's half the fun for me.
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    Don't know about the model you are using, but a lot of Garmin's will only handle 50 points in a routable map.

    I once tried to put all of a long trip in one route and it was a disaster and I was screwed as far as autorouting goes.

    In fact I have had so many problems with routing that I now convert the routes to tracks and navigate using the tracks.

    Anyway I would also recommend breaking the trip up. Gas stations are rare in the western US where I ride, so I usually break a trip into gas stops. This way I can easily see the mileage between them.

    Whatever you decide I would strongly recommend practicing using the GPS on local rides before you go on the long trip. This will give you a good idea of what works and what doesn't and what you like and don't like.