Why are most men so emasculated?

Discussion in 'The Perfect Line and Other Riding Myths' started by Disco Stu, Oct 15, 2012.

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    This is the gist of it, folks.

    A relationship should have mutual respect going on, and I don't see it too often in relationships. One tries to bully the other, and a lot of times, men are cowed by their wives' demands. That's BS. When your partner tries to get their way by bullying, it's time to re-evaluate whether or not this is a person you want to be with. BTW...Women don't respect a spineless candy-ass, and they don't usually find men attractive when they don't respect them. They WILL also test you, continuously, to see if you still have a pair, whether they do it consciously or otherwise.

    Being a man isn't about bullying or always getting your way, but a man SHOULD have some balls, instead of being afraid of his woman, his momma, what others think of him, or life itself.

    BTW...If you can afford a fancy new bike every few years, you can afford a used KLR/DR, gear, and a decent amount of medical/term-life coverage, so at least your family isn't put in a financial bind if you wreck. Be responsible.
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    Better watch what you ask for!
    If she liked pussy as much as you do she may not need you anymore:deal
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    My wife does not like bikes, and she didn't like guns either when I met her. I own lots of both, and I agree with the earlier statements about living your life. I took my wife shooting and even got her to take an NRA ammunition reloading course...now she gets it and wants her own gun. Same with the motorcycle situation. Which she still isn't happy about, but I just bought two more bikes. And yes I love her more than the bikes, but I want both.
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    I guess "d" stands for "downer?"
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    What the hell is "LOVE WELL" and" LAY YOUR LIFE DOWN".I'm sorry but you're not going to be a good person if you have to sacrifice a passion for the happiness of someone else. More likely ,miserable. There would have to be a hell of a good reason to forbid an Artist to paint, a Writer to write but somehow no more hunting,biking,fishing etc are open season for women. Most times its as simple as jealosy and insecurity by both sexes when such demands are made.
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    I used to worry about that but its been over 20 years now and she still won'
    t try it!
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    Jun 29, 2011

    I was nearly killed in a wreck last November, and was barely able to walk until mid-January. Since then I've ridden close to 20,000 miles with easily 10,000 of that with either my wife or my daughter on the back with me. There was never any question or discussion about whether or not I (or we) would ride again. Anyone who knows me knows that riding is an integral part of who I am. Not as important as being a husband or father, but it's up there.

    Had my wife not understood and accepted who I am (a rider), we would never have gotten married.
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    Beats the shit outta me. I had to run an errand for my wife the other day. Told the guy at the store, someday I'm gonna grow some balls and tell the old lady to run her own damn errands, but until then can you help me with this list of stuff? :lol3

    Honestly, I do what I want, she does what she wants, I wouldnt have it any other way.
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    1. It's an excuse
    2. It's called compromise - likely really wouldn't have ridden much, IOW if they really wanted it they would have got it.
    3. Their really pussies and the wife rules every aspect of their life

    In any event, you'll never know the truth except whatever it is - it is their fault and their choice. It's not the wife's fault because you know what - they chose her and should have seen that coming.

    Generally I don't say anything. I get it is one of the above and it isn't my business which it is. I talk bikes and move on. I don't judge them in any event.
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    I would just tell them that the current crop of bikes is great and to pick up a biker mag (rider or whatever) and give it a read.
    This gives them something they CAN do and might plant the seed of an idea. Maybe that seed grows into a pair?

    My wife knows I ride and i pretty much do what I want as long as it is planned out and doesnt conflict with something she already planned. We have separate finances so her Juut salon and Starbucks habit doesn't pinch into my Ducati and bicycle habit.
    I don't bitch at her for spending $180 at the salon and she doesn't ask how much I spend at the Duc shop :-)
    We do have a kid and we both have big insurance policies. Because I ride and mtn bike and generally could get myself killed and her because her family history is all heart disease and cancer. She is good looking, but the next guy might not like my kid being in the picture. Me, I'm decent enough looking but my tolerance for other people is very low, so my dating success would be limited to sluts and no real relationship, so ill need that insurance ;-)
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    I went to look at guns when I moved to Tennessee. I was drooling over the display case when the owner came over.
    "what can I show you"
    "that's ok, the wife won't let me have one anyway"
    "why not?" he asks
    "she's scared it'll get taken from me by a burglar and he'll kill me with it"
    "well, he'd have to beat you to death with it" he replies
    "why?" I ask, confused
    "coz it'd be empty by then, wouldn't it?"

    I bought my first 9mm a week later.

    Same deal with bikes. I put off buying one after getting married as the wife was certain I'd kill myself. She was so upset I really didn't want to do that to her.

    10 years later she insisted on moving back to Mexico to be near her family. I wasn't pleased so I made getting a new bike a condition. She still hates them, but respects my only hobby. $1 mil in life insurance helped too ;)

    In those 10 years though I never once blamed her in public for not getting one.
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    May 13, 2007
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    There are times when riding does have to take a back seat to certain things. But there have been more times than I can count when after not riding for a couple days or a week, or two, that my lovely wife will look at me and tell me that I need to go out for a ride. She can tell when it is "time"! :D
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    Then these men should be man enough to tell other people 'I enjoyed riding a bike back i the other day, but other priorities took over.'

    My categorization of guys being emasculated has two prongs: 1) those that let their wife tell them what they can and can't do and 2) those that choose to blame their wife for their own choices.
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    I read it as deceptive and pathetic. (good points masked the cowardice)
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    This has gotta be the saddest post in ADV. Who is someone else saying what you can or cant do? Its not like I'd be asking permission to buy a bike or a gun and I sure as hell arent going to get rid of either, also I wouldnt expect my partner to be asking permission from me to go get her hair done or whatever. I need my time, I ride because, when I ride I am with my thoughts, I can think things over in my mind. Sure call it a hobby, maybe thats the only thing it is for you. I call it meditation and a nice way to ride to work. Women paint their nails, go shopping, gym, whatever with their girlfriends to release their stress, why cant men be allowed to get rid of stress their own way.

    Is it better to be in a relationship where your partner is happy that you're abiding to her needs/thoughts/preferences, whilst you yourself are miserable? It takes two to tango, which your partner isnt doing if they only give demands on what you can or cant do.

    I really dont understand the hopping on your bike to pretend problems dont exist, can you elaborate?
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    Me too! Sorry Gwen.

    I don't think most of us are advocating putting a woman "in her place", or telling them it is none of their business, or even ignoring thier opinion.

    Most of us are disgusted at the man not having the decency to just tell the truth, but instead making his wife the scapegoat. It is insulting to her, and unfair to portray her as somehow insensitive to her husband's wants and desires.:deal

    On the other hand, there are some women who do exercise iron control over their men, which is equally pathetic!:deal

    Jim :brow
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    Marry well and this is a moot point!

    Fe Woman had a bike before me; well actually she stated that we should get bikes and "I want this one" at which point I stroked the check.

    I have no idea what all the fuss is about.
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    Nah, the boss had it out for him.
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    Well, maybe one of the better. :ear

    What Gewn and d.burbach are sayiing is that you have to prioritize. Motorcycling is good, but you have to get the career on line and in line, and you have to get all those other necessities of life taken care of.

    In a relationship, one partner controlling is a bummer.

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    I ain't got no dog in this fight Gwen, but I noticed that the best post you liked also says that motorcycles are just a hobby and don't matter, then you go and say it's the only thing that matters...you lost me there. :scratch