WIN AN OSET TRIALS BIKE! and support 5th grade camp in the process

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    Our school district , like all others, has had to make cuts over the years. 5th grade camp was something all Ellensburg elementary kids could look forward to without fail, but now it must be self-supported by fundraising.

    My dad, who is an Oset dealer, has donated a 36V 16" bike for raffle. As most of you know these are the BEST learning bikes out there for kids. No noise, no mess, instant torque electricity help teach kids the basics of balance, throttle and braking without the drawbacks of gasoline engines. You can have them riding in the backyard of your city house on small courses or throw it in the car and take them to an open area. This bike has plenty of power too! The throttle stop is infinitely adjustable from zero to wide open. All of my kids have had them and love them. Check them out on for videos and more info.

    Back to the raffle. We're trying to sell tickets to get these kids off. Right now we have about $6500 and we need $25,000. Although there are other events planned we're hoping to get a good chunk through the raffle.

    The long and short of it:
    2012 36V 16" Oset bike
    Tickets are $5 each
    Need not be present to win
    Drawing is MAY 5th

    I can take paypal gift and I will send you a photo of your ticket. To keep it legit, I will take a video of the drawing and post it up here so everyone can see the results.

    One last thing... if you're on the fence because of the hassle of getting it to you I WILL SPLIT THE SHIPPING WITH YOU. These aren't too bad to ship, like $80-$100 via UPS/FedEx ground. You could be into a new Oset for as little as $50 between shipping and the ticket.

    These are great bikes for your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews or random children you may see running wild through your neighborhood. :deal Better yet, get a case of beer and a bunch of friends and see who can do a no-dab through the living room and into the kitchen. :freaky

    Seriously, thanks for any support you all can give. Our 5th graders really appreciate it. :thumb