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Discussion in 'Road Warriors' started by mrbreeze, Apr 3, 2013.

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    Apr 22, 2003
    I;ve thought about trying one of those wind curtains. I solved the problem on my BMW by removing the windshield.
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    lots of good suggestions, ideas, and advice here. I thank you all for your contributions. It seems to me that this is really a case of what works for one person will not necessarily work for someone else. The variables are almost limitless. Riders differ, bikes differ, helmets, windshields, even the weather from one day to the next can make a difference.

    At least a couple of people have mentioned how quiet the ST1300 can be with it's adjustable screen. I had an ST1300 for a while and I must agree, the wind protection on that bike is excellent - but I almost always had the windshield all the way down because it was so HOT on that bike.

    I hate earplugs. I have worn them religously for years, but I never liked them. I really don't think they are necessary with my current ride. When I first got the Nomad, I used the earplugs just like I did on the FJR, but quickly decided I didn't need them. I regulary ride with a group of guys, mostly Harley 'glides, but there is one guy with R1200RT and another with a Concours 1400. Both of those guys use earplugs all the time. I have yet to try a shorty helmet on the Nomad, but I am tempted.


    Jul 31, 2008
    Hey, carockwell, I may be interested. Size? Colour? Year?


    I tried this; it works.

    Turns out that at 6'3", I'm too damned short for my bike.

    I may try cutting down my shield, and buying a V-Stream for colder weather.

    Apparently they deflect air around the windsceen differently.

    Anybody here w/ any real world experience w/ one of these?
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    With 46 years of riding it has been my experience that the best way to eliminate wind noise on a motorcycle is the have a windshield high enough that I must look through it and not over it. Many riders do not like having to look through a windshield but to me there is no comparison in the amount of wind noise. One of my present bikes is a 1997 Honda Pacific Coast with optional tall windscreen. I can look over the top if I need to in times of low visibility like night riding in rain. But in my normal posture I tend to look through it. There is virtually no wind noise and the bike is so quiet that one can hear the tires rolling on the road often times. However, this silence is exclusive to the pilot of the bike. For the passenger the ride is very windy and much buffeting because the front of the bike is so closed in that it creates back drafting behind the pilot. Otherwise the best thing I have ever ridden was my 1980 Suzuki GS1000G with Vetter Windjammer. Both rider and passenger rode in amazing comfort and quietness free from wind noise. I don't know how much wind tunnel testing Craig ever did but the Windjammer was one fine piece. A friend had one on a bike and removed it as soon as he bought the bike saying it was so "ugly". I said the beauty was in riding behind the thing. I found a site dedicated to the Vetter fairings. One fellow said he bought his finally acquired his dream bike--a BMW R1100 GS or maybe it was a newer one. Anyway he tried everything to make it so the wind dynamics worked to his liking to eliminate noise and buffeting--different screens--whatever he could think of. Finally he just gave up and sold the bike. He bought a new Triumph Bonneville and adapted a Vetter Windjammer to it and is just ecstatic about the result.
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    You need clean air as in no air flow at all on your helmet or let the helmet do the work in all air. They are designed that way.

    I have a tall screen on a GSA and look over the top of the screen about an inch or two, air flow hits the very top of my helmet. Then satellite radio fed into a Boostaroo amp fed into Koss earbuds, the ones for $26.00 with the volume control. :nod

    Got my earplugs, tunes, clean vision and :D while I :ricky