Winter... Best time to contemplate buying a new bike.

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    That's one of the things that's pretty particular for each rider. But I'm sure there is a windscreen and/or Madstad that will work for any of them if the stock one isn't perfect. On my DL1000, the PO had a stock screen with a Madstad and Laminar Lip. It was set to the highest setting. Even at highway speeds it was virtually silent and wind free. It felt like riding a Goldwing - and I hated it. I don't like looking through a windscreen and prefer at least some wind at head level. But just using the stock screen and Madstad and lowering it made it perfect for me. I think for touring, the main focus is getting the wind blast off your chest and avoiding buffeting to prevent fatigue.
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    BUY THE V STROM you will be happy. BUY it BUY it now:freaky
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    I guess region specific has a lot to do with it. Out here in West we can pretty much ride almost every day of the year, except in the higher elevations. Colorado and the plains have a harsher winter for sure.

    I've been kicking tires on new DR650's and KLR's to add a companion for my Caponord. Still have not seen any real price movement.

    Once the Xmas time passes and the bills come due, plus the tax season I still think late March/April is prime buying, particularly for models a year or two old.

    I'm not cheap, well OK yes I am. A DR/KLR or XR 650 is only worth so much to me new and I believe the price-point on 2012 (if there are any left) and 2013's will drop a bit. If it does not I just keep my checkbook in my pocket.
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    This all depends on rider size. I'm 6'3" and the buffeting on the stock '12 DL650 was brutal. My madstad mounts and screen transformed the bike and I love it now. I did 7 hours straight on it recently and the next upgrade will be the seat.

    Oh, and this guy said it best:

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    Well... just to give you guys an update on my decision making process. :D I rode my bike one last time before it got snowed in and I realized I LIKE TO RIDE FAST and LEAN HARD! Despite of what I initially thought I need... I want a fast fun bike. Judging by all published reviews and comparisons, it seems like the VERSYS is the most engaging motorcycle that fit my style of riding. As much as I like to dream about taking a new bike off road and get lost in the woods, I like to fly down winding backroads a lot more. So... Versys it is.

    I did went to my local dealer who happen to have all the bikes I'm considering. I found the CB was a little too small and cramp for me (I'm 6'1) so I'm a little disappointed. V-strom is big and comfy but I feel like sitting "in" the bike. Versys feels right at home, well, geometry-wise. let the bike search begins on CL!

    Are all three bikes yours??????? I live in PA by the way.
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    I stepped down from a 919 to a CBX; I rode it from Utah to Arkansas with no issues whatsoever. My wife has a SV650s, same engine as the Strom, and I have ridden it extensively s well, and I prefer the parallel twin of the Honda, seems to spin up more freely. This is no disrespect to the vtwin, but if I was to take off on a long journey tomorrow, I would take the CB over the SV or my modded DR.[​IMG]
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    The Dogjaw has it. These are very fun scoots. Sold out YZF Yammies, and S2R Ducati's to join in on the CB500x crowd. I had ridden a SV 650 (not a wee), and liked it, but think. What are the roads you ride on? How much power do you really need? What does your personal economy warrant?
    Not trying to say that the CB is the best, and do understand why owners of the Versys and Wees regard their rides as they do, but look at every option.

    Love my CB500x as an all around "fun" bike.
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    Just thought I would chime in here since you sound as though you are still contemplating. I too was comparing bikes when I decided on my 12 DL650. The bikes I considered were similiar: older wee DL650 and DL1000, Versys, NC700X. I purchased mine in January of 2013 for $7300 new. I had seen another for $6995 closer to where you live in PA so there are some good new deals out there. What you get with the V-Strom is a huge aftermarket following that compares to the KLR and DR. I also found I could not get my head around the limited RPMs of the NC (7000rpm limit vs 10,000 of the strom). Similar power output but I put a 14T sprocket on mine and now it runs away from the Versys. Like others have said earlier, you have to go with what stirs you. Just have the realization that farkling will make the bike much more enjoyable and setup to your taste/specifications. Here is a couple of pics of mine to wet the appetite.



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    New to riding and just my thought, but regardless of which you choose, in order to get a good deal you need to be able to recognize a good deal. If you are buying to ride and keep for a while there are deals out there year around. But having been looking for the right for me ride since summer I felt December till February was a good target time for me to purchase. Having chose the V-strom DL-650 as my bike of choice I kept watch and on New Years Eve Day I found my Deal. A 2011 stock DL-650 with 2800+ miles in great condition for $4500. I was the second person to have the option to buy and VERY glad the person before me couldn't recognize a great deal. I was not a bit sorry for the others coming to see it as I closed the deal. Rode it some 50 miles home and love it. Fridig since then and waiting for it to warm back toward the end of the week to continue getting acquainted. Just saying! :D
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    Just my two cents... I've never rode a V-Strom or the Honda, but I've heard good things about both. I did, though, sell my sport bike this past August and picked up an '08 Versys with saddlebags, heated grips, a bigger windshield, and a custom seat for a couple hundred over what I sold my bike for (I think $4100). I can honestly say it was one of the best decisions I've ever made (you know.. outside of like family, job, yada yada...). I've nearly put as many miles on the Versys in the last 5 months as I did in the 3 years I had my other bike. It's extremely comfortable for me to ride (no more shoulder pain or numb wrists), great on longer trips, and still plenty of power (my wife followed me home the night I got it and yelled at me because i did 90 down the freeway the whole time).

    Like I think the first resonse you got said- whatever makes your heart pitter patter... really try to hard to find each and give them a ride. I knew within 5 minutes on the Versys that I was going to buy it. Sure, I probably won't do a lot of the cool things some of the other guys on here do, but it has me riding year round and exploring gravel and dirt roads I wouldn't have found myself on before. Chances are you're going to be happy with any of the three you choose. Good luck!

    EDIT: I should also mention like someone else did that the add-ons make things so much greater. I love the Versys, but the saddlebags, heated grips, and topcase were mind-blowing once I had them.
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    Fully Agee! Just bought a 2010 R1200GS Adv in early Dec for an unbelievable price - winter is the BEST time to buy from a pricing perspective! :thumb
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    yep....bought 4Jan new KTM.

    Winter is good for buying....sux for riding