Winter project for the missus...whatta ya think?

Discussion in 'Old's Cool' started by northern ON rider, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. So I'm cheap, sue me. still looking for a cheap ride for myself when i came across something for me to restore over the winter that would be a perfect first bike for the wifey. Will post a pic when i get in the house and cleaned up a bit.

    '74 HONDA CL360 Scrambler

    Good choice? Anyone fixed one of these up? Anyone got parts layin about?
    anyone fitted extended suspension to one?

    Tell me what you know about them.

    Northern ON rider
  2. Boojum

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    Get a hold of Gaelic Dog on this site, and talk with him!
    He's got some :drif :drif Saweeet Scramblers!! :thumb

  3. Thanks for the'd him.

    hope there are others that are in the know to help.:ear

    Northern ON Rider
  4. Solo Lobo

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    Mar 16, 2004
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    Had one for my first year og grad school, rode it every day for a year!

  5. Anyone...helloooooo? Noob in need of assistance here......:huh
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    Suppermotodd here in old school has owned some 360's. He will probably respond. He is busy repairing the airhead GS right now. Gaelic Dog has a few also. First order of business is to buy a good shop manual !!
  7. Got 2 with it, actually. original factory Honda one(complete with poorly translated engrish) and a Clymer for same. But thanks for the tip...that's always good advice.

    Cheers from Northern Ontario


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    My first bike was a 1973 CL350. I still look at the picture on the wall and wish I had it. It's in pieces in New York state right now. Don't think it's gonna make it west.

    Does the 74 have a disc brake on the front?
  9. Nope, no disc....yet:evil

    Is your '73 still "yours"? or that's just where it went after you sold it?
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    Jun 25, 2004
    Durango,CO(not quite Purgatory)
    I still have the title and the keys, but I have no idea how to contact the owner of the building where it has been resting since 1993. It is in the building that (at that time) was the Gabriels, NY post office. Way up north. North of Saranc Lake.
  13. if it's a small town, just call the town office. they always know that kind of shit. never know. could be a good project for you (pssst...or me...over here...yeah me).

    lemme know if you find it and what you wanna do with it,k?

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    I think I might live closer. Right here in New York. I got a truck. Won't have to cross state or national boarders. Yeah, I think it would be easier all around.
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    Jun 28, 2006
    I figgered she was gonna polish the the parts for your ride over the winter, or perhaps knit you a seatcover or sew you your own roadcrafter suit
    good luck with your scrambler

  16. Actually we will be workin on it together, so she can learn a little about mechanics, and it will be for her in the end, too. Nothing cooler than havin a project to work on together over the cold winter. Plus in the end I end up with not just a cool significant other but one with a cool bike of her own. At this rate she'll have hers done before I have mine together.

    We'll have it in the porch tomorrow to come...tomorrow
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    Jul 18, 2006
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    They are great bikes if you don't try to "override" them. The motor is sold as are most Hondas, very easy to maintain and fiarly easy to find parts for. I saw a website dedicated to just vintage Honda twins, from 175~450. I'll try to find it and hook you up with the URL. They had bikes and chats and a line on NOS and repopped parts as well. They can be very pretty when restored, I'll bet she'll love it when you refinsih it. How complete and stock is it, and where are the pics??????
  19. Thanks for searching, sniper. The bike is complete, mostly, but rough. That is to say, everything is there( except for a weird 2 into 1 muffler off the stock twin pipes) , but it is rough. the seat is rotted (go figure after ten years outside in northern ON) and and everything needs a full teardown and cleaning, or replacement(shocks, tires, gaskets, wiring). the parts list will be long and the project will be extensive. What I would really like to do is find a complete used or rebuilt engine, and a NOS wiring harness (new old stock, not nitrous) to really get a jump on it, but no luck yet. I'll also be looking for a set of triple clamps from a cb750 and a set of forks from a xr250 (same stem on the 750 as the 360 and same tube diameter between the xr and cb), then i will need a bit of fab to lengthen the swingarm about 3-4" and brace it slightly better, mod the fender the same. then xr250 rims and good 70 % dirt/ 30% pavement tires to go on them. If we're not happy with it after all that....well...let's not think about that.

    Sorry....the wheels are just a spinnin'

  20. SteveBroskey

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    May 30, 2006
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    Wow, that is out in the middle of no where. What do you plan on doing with the bike Dado?