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    Yes, riding a scooter can be an "adventure":>

    Here is the press release:

    Press Release: For Release On 11/16/2005
    Date: 11/16/2005
    Subject: Minnesota Scooter Commuter Blogs Daily Fifty Mile Ride

    Minnesota Scooter Commuter Blogs Daily Fifty Mile Ride

    This winter, Ride to Work Day will be every day for Minnesota writer and
    motorcyclist Gary Charpentier. He's scootering to and from his job every
    weekday now, riding fifty miles across the snowy frigid heart of
    Minneapolis and St Paul. A daily blog chronicling the adventurous
    experience can be read at <>

    "Gary is breaking new frontiers experimenting with the logistic, thermal
    and risk management challenges of commuting year-around in a
    less-than-ideal weather and traffic situation," according to Andy
    Goldfine of Ride to Work, a motorcycle and scooter advocacy

    Insane as the project may seem, writer Gary Charpentier's life is
    otherwise about as normal as anyone else's - he's a happily married
    father and 40-hour-a-week research technician at a Twin Cities
    engineering firm. His scooter commute route is ideal for urban mobility
    research because it offers a mix of varying roads and traffic
    conditions, as well as some of the most beautiful scenery the Twin
    Cities has to offer.

    With the recent gasoline price increases, and concerns about Peak Oil,
    scooters have enjoyed a renaissance in popularity. Explaining one motive
    for "The Baron in Winter" commute blog, Gary stated, "Ever since getting
    out of the Marines, I've missed the challenges which were a part of
    everyday life in the Corps, and I get bored easily with the same old
    routines of the 9 to 5 grind." In addition to this new blog, he also
    writes a regular column in Minnesota Motorcycle Monthly, and has been
    published in a variety of other monthly magazines.

    Combine a typical Minnesota winter, a complicated commute, a bored
    Marine, and a motor scooter -- and the result is a daily blog of unusual

    Lev Mirman of Bargain Jim's donated the Chinese-made Baron 150SX scooter
    for this enterprise, and several other scooter and motorcycle gear
    companies (Baron Scooters, Aerostich, Kenda USA, and Bob's Cycle Supply)
    are providing additional products and other support.

    For more information about the commute, writer Gary Charpentier, and
    Ride to Work, please contact Andy Goldfine at <agoldfine@...>
    <mailto:agoldfine@...> or 218 722 9806.

    The Baron in Winter Blog
    Bio information on Gary
    A transportation motorcycling and scootering fact sheet:

    Ride To Work contact persons:
    Christine Holt cholt@...
    <mailto:cholt@...?Subject=Ride To Work>
    Andy Goldfine agoldfine@...
    <mailto:agoldfine@...?Subject=Ride To Work>
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    That's one way to pay for your winter gear...
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    Den'nitlee gonna bookmark that one... :lurk
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    Read: "I used to roll around in the mud, snow, ice, broken glass while a drill instructor screamed at me about my momma, I miss that"

    I'm convinced his balls are made of brass, and big.