Women going solo - is it safe?

Discussion in 'Trip Planning' started by GypsyWriter, May 5, 2010.

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    Looking for the long distances, long camping trip tips for women thread?

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    You all will = Y'all'll

    Well, done. Full points awarded. :clap
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    I'm traveling alone from 1 years and 7 onth

    alot of problem

    my family don't wont

    no one in my famly have a motorcycle or like it



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    Sounds like your main concern is not whether it's safe or not, it's convincing your family it is.

    I wish this was just a problem for women, but I get grief from my mother every time I mention motorcycles, and I'm 38 and male. Mom's guilt-inducing skills have been honed over 60+ years, and it takes serious jedi-mind-tricks to fight them. Even living 500 miles away is no defense. Last week she asked me if I was taking anything to protect myself at camp grounds. She seemed to think that there may be street gangs lurking amongst the trees, waiting for unwary travelers.

    I usually just change the subject and say that I'm thinking of moving back to Japan, or ask them if there's any new stories about my nieces and nephew/their grandchildren. I also mention all the precautions I'm taking and preparations I'm making. I even told my parents I bought a red bike because it's more visible.

    Fact is, when people care about you, they worry about you. Today's constant international news coverage makes it worse. If I watched the news I'd probably never leave my house.

    Not much you can do, other than maybe tell them you're going, and that it'd be more productive if they gave you ideas on how to reduce the risks. Find ways for them to participate, maybe planning routes, picking out equipment etc. My mom seemed to enjoy helping me pick out a helmet and jacket. A lot of people's worries are based on myths and how motorcycles used to be 60 years ago.
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    If your really worried about it, just take a revolver.

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    pay more attention about your safty.This is very important .
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    I'm not so sure, I was born, raised, and live in the southeastern US (Georgia) so that's proper english. :evil
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    Damn, some people are natural born charmers! :lol3

    I met Angela Brandl when she did a slide show about her recent solo trip through China, she may well have been the first woman to do that solo on a motorcycle. Her experiences where overwhelmingly positive, too. A lot of it has to with how you approach people, a friendly smile will go a long way. Except maybe in Muslim countries, I wouldn´t try that in Iran, for instance.

    Plus, a link for further encouragement:

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    Would I be worried if my wife wanted to start solo riding? Hell yeah. Is it my place to stop her? No.

    Also, I'm just going to throw this out there:

    I'm a 29 year old, 6'3, 210lbs guy who lifts weights, knows how to shoot, and chipped every tooth in the front of his mouth back-yard boxing as a kid (Fight Club came out with I was young and full of too much testosterone). I STILL leave an itinerary for my wife and folks before I go out on a trip. I also use a SPOT tracker so that they know where I'm at and so I can call for help if needed (cell phones don't always work).

    My point is - live your life, but be smart about it. Being safe doesn't take a whole lot of extra time or effort. In the end, you'll feel better knowing that your family feels better.

    Final note - situational awareness is the hallmark of motorcycle riding. The same skill that makes us safe riders can be used off the bike too. Pay attention to what's going on around you. Bail on any situation that doesn't feel right. Truth is, there are a whole lot of good people out there, but there's a whole lot of evil too. Stay safe.

    My two cents
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    May 27, 2010
    I love going solo. You have to do a little more planning than the guys, but there are more great people to meet than evil ones.

    I just got back from a trip through NM and AZ. More afraid of the wild turkeys playing on the road than anything I met or rode!:evil

    My family has learned to deal with it if I call in every 2-4 days.
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    My wife just got back from a solo ride from Sacramento to Zion. She didn't tell here siblings and father about it until she got back so there was no pre ride lectures. She took my SAT phone and her SPOT messenger and had a great time.

    I was the one who got the lecture from the father in law.....why did you LET her do that? WHAT if something happened? Bad people etc.

    As someone who works in a high risk environment every day and is armed most of the time I do understand risk. Luckily she is as "aware" of surroundings and people from so many years of watching me do it. That being said, there were no instances of bad situations and most folks were friendly. There were lots of comments from people about traveling alone though.

    My answer to the father in law was that life is short and there are no guarantees. We can only manage risk, not totally control it. He is an ex marine fighter pilot so I know he knew what I was talking about. In the end he admitted to being a concerned parent. It's a bummer when so called friends and aquaintances (sp) feel the need to bring up the bad.....ALL THE TIME.

    Ride it like you stole it and live!

    My 2 cents....

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    It would be better stated that "there are no guarantees". The length of life irrelevant. It is the strength of life, living, that add the depth.
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    i know this is an older thread but my 2 cents is,,,,,,, there are actually a lot of women who solo through lots of places. i have read a whole bunch through the past few years. they have never mentioned anything negative. i am SURE there are some who have had bad experiences. unfortunately for women there are many different scenario's they have bad experiences in/with. i wish we could protect all women from the evil of the world. women can stay in a bubble or go out and enjoy life. riding solo is no different. as long as you take every precaution possible you can't do anything more. if you don't take precautions you could get into trouble easier. same with guys. i have story's from my past where i didn't take precautions and almost ended up dead. life is fun but it's serious out there. go have fun. ride solo. you will be surprised. :super
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    I met Makiko, 5 years solo round the world, more than 250,000 miles

    <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/antontrax/561134393/' title='scrub up by antontrax, on Flickr, via Patr' alt='scrub up' height='500' width='408'><img src='http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1081/561134393_24df4385d8.jpg' alt='scrub up'/></a>

    <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/antontrax/560718552/' title='ruta by antontrax, on Flickr, via Patr' alt='ruta' height='338' width='600'><img src='http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1395/560718552_eda435752f_o.jpg' alt='ruta'/></a>

    <a href='http://www.flickr.com/photos/antontrax/560699346/' title='mighty-makiko by antontrax, on Flickr, via Patr' alt='mighty-makiko' height='500' width='284'><img src='http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1180/560699346_48d60734f7.jpg' alt='mighty-makiko'/></a>

    There's some great pics of the places she's been here:

    She's back in Japan as a teacher now

    Let us know how you've made out since you started this thread!
    Get out there and wow your folks with the great experiences you'll have!:thumb
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    Ah, I´d almost forgotten about Makiko. What a pity she didn´t want the attention and requested the thread be closed, that would have been a ride report to go down in advrider.com history.

    On another note, anybody who is worried about safety and interested in selfdefense ought to take a look at this site by Marc McYoung, a noted martial arts and selfdefense expert:


    The site is unfortunately difficult to navigate and a bit chaotic, but its time well spent. Especially the pages about rape and robberies.

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    After nearly 44 years and nearly 29 years of driving I estimate I have put over 2 million miles on my cars. Most of that alone, while camping. Much of the last 10 years or so while photographing large, wild animals and birds. I'm still alive and kicking and craving my next adventure.

    I got the motorcycle bug last year and I am hooked. I spend much time on the roads alone. Riding partners are great, but I can't live my life waiting around for them to come along and have similar schedules and similar riding habits. I expect I will log a lot of miles on my bike alone, camping, probably some of it photographing large, wild animals and birds.

    I recently moved back to New Mexico, closer to my family. My mother worries about me, tries to tell me I shouldn't go alone. When I was in the PNW she never knew how much time I went alone, what she didn't know didn't cause her worry. I am learning to tell her more things after the fact and to let friends know where I am going to be, similar to what I used to do when in the PNW.

    Bad things happen to people every day, many of them in their own homes or neighborhoods. We can choose to live our lives afraid and closed up, or we can live our lives by staring fear in the face and giving it a big f-you. If I'm going to die young I would prefer to go out in a crazy crash or being gored by a buffalo. It would truly piss me off to go while sitting in front of a spreadsheet on my computer.

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    I'm female and I'm out on my first big ride - 34 days from Ontario to the Pacific and back. I'm only one day 7 and I've met loads of really nice people. I'm a city girl, so I know to keep my wits about me when all the time.

    I've vacationed in London England and New York City by myself and found both much more nerve wracking than riding across Canada. But maybe it's a Canadian thing. We only cops and crooks carry handguns here.

    A smile from me and a "please" and "thank you" go along way when meeting or approaching people.

    Yeah, my parents are worried. My dad gave me a phone card, I have my cellphone with me and there is wireless internet at all the hotels I'm staying at. It's not like I'm stranded in the Antarctic.

    Every night I send a quick email saying where I am and that all is well. Of course I still got all the guilt trips you could imagine. But hey, it's my life and I'm going to do what I want to do. My friends and family have my itinerary, so they know I've planned everything out and taking all the precautions.

    I'm going to give my parents heart attacks when they find out I want to do a big trip every summer. I don't ever want to say, "Gee, I wish I had done XX when I had the chance." 'Cause you know second chances are few and far between
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    Best of luck on your trip.

    you going to do a ride report?
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    Here's a link to an article I wrote about safety considerations for outdoor photographers. I wrote it at the request of a female client a few years ago. Although the article was written with an audience of photographers in mind, many of the tips will apply to women traveling solo, too. Hope y'all find it useful.

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    I reckon go for it.

    Use your commonsense and keep your radar up, and go.

    That's my theory for doing anything that may be considered potentially dangerous when on my own.

    Humans are very good at worrying about "what might happen", me included. Chances are "it" won't happen.

    I always feel safer in the bush than in the city.