Woodriff Key stuck on crank R100

Discussion in 'Airheads' started by kwb210, Feb 24, 2013.

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    I am replacing a timing chain and small sprocket on a 1984 R100 with about 125,000 miles of excellent care on the clock. The chain is slightly loose and the upper sprocket shows some wear - so - replace it before it causes a problem. The bearing came off easily with a puller. The sprocket was a real bear to get loose. Took a lot of pressure for it to give up its grip on the crankshaft. The only other one I have done I just gave the woodriff key a bit of pressure, a tap with a tiny little hammer, and it came out. This key will not move. I even held a flat punch against the end of it and gave a bit of a tap, nothing. The key sits low in the front and just slighly higher in the back. It will not budge. I am looking for some ideas on how to remove it. Considering a new woodriff key is $1.40 it is in the budget to replace(!!!). Thoughts
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    If the key is fine,just leave it in place. I've never heard of those keys shearing off so I'd just reuse it.
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    You can leave it in place, I would.

    If I have to get one out, beat down on the back of the key to raise the front. Once it moves a little it will move more. Using a punch or something to beat the rear in further. Eventually you have enough of the front exposed to drive it in and out.