Woodys 17-19 wheels

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    Used bike I purchased came with Woody's wheels. While changing tires from a 90-10 road to a 50-50 Hideneau setup, I found multiple stress fractures at the dimples on both front and rear excel rims? What would cause this ( guy before me had road tires on the bike ) and my best option now is to ...........? Woody's doesn't think they can get the silicone off the nipples so they want to replace spokes and nipples ( $$$$ ), so I'm thinking a do it yourself project and buy new rims. I have a 2.5 x 19 on front and 4.25 x 17 rear.
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    Let me think ? What softens silicone ? If I remember we are not to use around fuel because it softens and will find it's way into the jets, after a through drying out and flushing a wire brush or wheel might do the trick,
    I think they do not like hand work.
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    More likely "Woody's doesn't think they can get the silicone off the nipples" in a manner that would be cost-effective to the buyer.

    I'm sure they are more than happy to put in endless hours of hard work, if the buyer is prepared to pay their hourly rate.

    OP might want to contact Excel about the rims. I've never had good luck with their sales, but maybe their tech support is better. I guess it could be from the stress of stickier road rubber (braking forces?). Did Woody's have any ideas?
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    I have the same setup and only the front wheel has the cracks. I wonder how common this is? My wheel set is at least 6 years old.

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    There are such things as silicone digesters. If you lived closer, I'd get you a sample to try. Here is one product I am familiar with: ProSoCo DiCone NC-15. You might find it at a commercial construction material supplier; not likely to be found at the big box stores. The product data says it complies with all state and federal regulations so it should be available somewhere in your state.