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    Aug 3, 2012
    Dear friends my name is atif i need some information about motorbike world tour i have plan about 200,000/-Km around 29 countries
    like a Pakistan,China,Russia,Azerbaijan,Iran,Iraq,Saudi Arabia, Jordan,Syria, Turkey,Greece, Albania,Macedonia (Fyrom),Bulgaria, Serbia (Kosovo),Romania, Moldova, Ukraine,Belarus, Lithuania,Poland,Slovakia,Hungary, Austral,Italy, Algeria,Spain, France,United Kingdom.
    I am trying to find information from long time by self and by government sector but i am confuse like a which kind of documents i need which kind of visa i need how i get permeation for it or etc.... if you have any idea plz let me now about it, and i need to now which motorbike is best and and cheep coz i have no much funds for it coz i have no sponsor or any help for it
    If you are able plz help me thx
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    Lahore, Pakistan
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    Some of your questions such as visa requirements are not easy for non-Pakistanis to answer as they are different for each nationality, I am guessing it might be easier for you than a European in muslim countries but you will need visas for the European countries that we do not.
    It is possible to do this trip on just about any bike provided it is in good mechanical condition, if you have limited finances something small like a Honda CG125 will be perfectly capable as long as you are not in a hurry. You will require at least a full motorcycle licence, an international driving licence which you will have to get from a local motoring organisation and some medical insurance.
    You will probably find it much easier to enter Iran than China with your own vehicle so might want to plan your route starting in that direction.