Worst Bike Lending Experience?

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  1. J_White

    J_White should be working

    May 2, 2010
    NE Mississippi
    Have had TERRIBLE luck letting anyone ride a mc, always...
    so I don't anymore.

    One I can laugh about, let a co-worker try my XT600 once.
    He revved the motor to what sounded like 4 or 5,000 rpms,
    then dumped the clutch. Spat him off on his back, broke tailight,
    then clutch lever when it went over sideways.
    I can still remember asking him, "And just WHAT did you THINK was
    gonna be the result of that?":huh
  2. CanadianX

    CanadianX Oh!? That is deep.

    Dec 26, 2010
    New Brunswick
    Borrowed a bike once, years ago.. ATV actually. The annual boys fishing/beer drinking and poker playing trip was coming around and me and my buddy are wishing for an ATV vs taking the long way around in the Jeep. Another friend, older and much more financial esstablished then either of us were back thenkindly offers up his "I never use it, please..take it out for a run and have a good time". Me and my buddy were of the "never borrow things" mind set but wanting to ride in on the trails, drinking beer etc (back in the day this was acceptable), we talked ourselves into it.

    Off we go, get a few km into the trail and "cough, sputter stall" the bike is done. Looking at the fuel filter it is gummed up with what looks like mud, turns out it was rust from the rusting fuel tank of the hardly used ATV.
    Long story short end up getting towed out of the woods twice, replacing the filter and fuel pump, epoxy coating the rusted fuel tank, paying someone to cut the fuel tank open to remove the epoxy from the screens on the end of the fuel pick ups and eventually getting the bike back to the owner. Both of us were out of pocket some $ for parts and repair and a bottle of whiskey to the guy who drove us out of the woods with his pickup. I think the owner of the ATV feeling badly repaid us once found out the trouble we had.

    Lesson learned. Don't borrow things.
  3. LuciferMutt

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    Aug 19, 2008
    New(er) Mexico
    I don't let other people ride my bike and I sure as hell don't ride other peoples' bikes. I just don't want that responsibility.

    I don't even like renting cars, but I'll do that occasionally. I simply don't like being responsible for somebody else's stuff.

    I even get really nervous driving my wife's car without her in it...which is odd considering we both paid for it and I do ALL the maintenance and upkeep on it...but I would feel so horrible having to tell her that I crashed it...
  4. Mambo Dave

    Mambo Dave I cannot abide.

    Oct 7, 2011
    11 ft. AMSL
    Don't feel bad. I sell cars, and plenty of people are nervous about test driving cars that they're interested in.

    It kind of hurts me when they say they want to test the acceleration, but then are too nervous to really do so (which I could always sense - so they leave thinking the car or SUV is powerless). These days I tend to do the first drive since I've felt so many potential buyers do a half-hearted acceleration test only to be disappointed when the truth is that they never got the motor into the powerband.

    I'll tell them that I don't normally drive crazy, but will acelerate the car on a safe striaght-away to safe speeds just to show them the acceleration (to 50 MPH or so).


    The other side is the comical old guys who are stepping 'down' from some American V8 luxury car into a modern 6 cylinder. Inevitably, they almost wreck the car when the HP and torque are far more than they expected.
  5. quasigentrified

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    Feb 17, 2013
    Bothell, WA
    i don't like riding my wife's scooter for the same reason. i mean, i love RIDING it, but she loves it and i would feel terrible if i somehow botched up and had to "lay 'er down" :deal so i tend to not ask to ride it. also, i mess up her weird mpg calculations and she gets cranky. (NERD!)

    i'll do bike test rides IF AND ONLY IF they have insurance such that if i somehow do drop it, i am not required to buy the bike, AND if the dealer is in a location i am very familiar with. this lets me experience different bikes and fuel my fiscally irresponsible fantasies. recently, i've test ridden a triumph street triple r, a triumph daytona 675, and a ducati diavel dark (omg amazing). good times and cheap entertainment!
  6. luckychucky

    luckychucky Long timer

    Mar 6, 2011
    SE Missouri
    I met him and his girlfriend in Tombstone, AZ, lots of tourist there. They had bought an old Cutless and were cruising around the states. I had an apartment and I lived alone, so I offered them a place to stay. After awhile probably a month their car quit running. He needed some wheels and I had an 82 XL250R, I pushed off the showroom floor at the base exchange in the Philippines. One winter night, not far from Sierra Vista, he was out riding, bar hopping on my bike. He ran out of gas, ditched the bike, started hitchhiking home, he got cold, no one would give him a ride, so, he started throwing rocks at cars going by. Threw rock at cop, cop took him to jail, I had to go retrieve the bike from roadside ditch. Then next day had to get him out of jail. That was a great bike. Lasted forever, all the way up to the point where some juveniles set it on fire in apt parking lot.
  7. eatpasta

    eatpasta Lawnmower Target

    Jul 5, 2006
    Santa Barbara, Ca
    ill lend a bike to someone I trust - but there are very few people I trust.....

    When I was about 17 I bought a gorgeous Yamaha Seca 650 and naturally a friend of mine asked if he could give it a shot. He had mentioned that he "knew what he was doing".
    He started it in his culdesac and got the clutch and as soon as he did I could see him start to panic. What do you do when you panic? Tense up and as you tense your wrists drop.....and add acceleration!
    The next thing I knew he was flying across the lawn of the lady who lived across the street, as he approached the house he hit the rear brake to low side the bike, it hits the front stairs and cart-wheels through the air and lands in this poor ladies flower bed.
    My friend is unhurt, thank god but the bike is in a bad way. He ruined the rear wheel, swingarm and a few other things. and when it landed in the ladies' flower bed, it emptied a bunch of gas into everything.
    My buddy found all the parts and had it put back together for me.... but man.... is lending out a bike a bad idea.
  8. kbasa

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    May 28, 2002
    Marin County, California
    Loaned my pristine, 10 year old 1998 VFR to a woman who dropped it on the ground at a stop sign.


    I've stopped loaning bikes to anyone but a couple of friends I've been riding with for 20+ years.
  9. ttpete

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    May 13, 2009
    Dearborn, MI
    The people I associate with are all long time motorcyclists, and the subject of loaning bikes very seldom comes up unless someone is interested in acquiring a similar one. I'd let any one of them ride the Kawasaki, but the Ducati's another story. It's way too easy to get in serious trouble with it, and I've got a lot of money invested in it. I can only think of two that I'd trust. One's an old riding partner who also owns Ducatis, and the other has been road racing for 40 years. Still has his old TD1C.
  10. sunnybandit

    sunnybandit Adventurer

    Jun 27, 2013
    I leave my bike in the shop with the others. He finds key, doesn't know its gp shift, wonders why a liter bike has no power, is known for "playing a motor like its a musical instrument", I can only imagine the rest. Rode my bike for a week or more while I was away I flipped out!!! Basically it was my shit head shop mate who did the bike lending.
  11. Krasniewski

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    Feb 5, 2008
    LA - Lower Alabama
    I've had two bikes totalled while being ridden by friends.

    One was an ST2, which I mourned the loss of. His insurance bought it, but paid under book value by about $1,000 (Progressive). I wasn't stoked about that part.

    Another was a ZZR1200 which was still in test ride mode - so the guy bought it and fixed her up - not a big deal.

    I'm a little more reluctant to lend out a bike now, but I still don't mind if I've ridden with the person and I know how they ride. At the end of the day, it's a risk and the question is whether you trust the person to make right any mistake they might make.
  12. whvaughn

    whvaughn Adventurer

    Aug 2, 2013
    I learned how to ride on my dad's bikes back in the day. These days, when I get a new bike one of my first rides is to take it to my dad's place and let him go for a spin (he does the same with me). That's about it for lending bikes as far as I'm concerned.
    In my area it seems like many accidents occur when someone lets one of their non-rider friends take a ride on their crotch-rocket, never ends well I'm afraid. And of course they are all in the NOTGATT crowd unfortunately.
  13. ZaethDekar

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    Feb 14, 2009
    Vancouver, WA
    My neighbor had a DL1000 and a Duc ST2 that he would let me borrow whenever.

    it was amazing and most of the time he would ride with me giving me pointers.

    However with the bikes not being mine I did not push the bikes at all... I had a good ride but any ride is a good ride.

    Fast forward three years and I now have my own bike with 26 thousand + miles on it and we still go ride. Having a 650 when used to riding those other bikes there were some differences but I love my bike too much to care.
  14. Rick G

    Rick G Ranger Rick

    May 19, 2004
    Euclid, OH
    I guess I have been lucky. Not that I often loan out my bikes, but when I have, they always came back the way they left. The same for when I have borrowed a friends bike. Of course most of these loan outs were merely swapping bikes for 10 or 20 miles for kicks and giggles. But I also use common sense as to who I will let ride my bikes. If I know they don't have any money and would not take repsonsibility (my wife's oldest son for instance) if something bad happen, I always say NO!

    Rick G
  15. duckman

    duckman co conspirator

    Feb 1, 2005
    Corova milk bar
    i said no to my own son when he asked to ride by brand new sv1000. he'd never ridden before and dosn't even like bikes , he just wanted a go because it was new, i never encouraged him to ride, after an ugly divorce i didn't want him to get hurt. my ex is a scary woman who punches like a man.
  16. Josephvman

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    Nov 27, 2002
    Houston, TX
    My first new bike was a '87 Honda Hurricane 600, the pearl white paint with the red stripes, when I was around 19 years old. I was a very cool bike (still is) and in a way the bike I learned how to ride on, though I had ridden a few 125/250cc dirt bikes. Back then, that was the hottest bike around (it and the Ninja 600) and I had a very hard time finding one, but eventually did, just across the river from St. Louis where I lived, in rural Illinois. Paid $3800 for it, and was shocked as hell that I got approved for the loan when I applied. My buddy Jewish David, who had more experience riding than I did, rode it home from the dealer back to STL for me. The Hurricane was more or less my transportation that summer, and I think the note was around $90/month, which I could swing selling swanky hifi gear part-time while I was in college. Jewish David sold hifi with me, and all summer we would take turns covering the store while the other one went out riding the Hurricane. Being sort of a textbook squid myself at the time, before the term squid existed, it never occurred to me that it wasn't a good idea to loan my bike. One night Jewish David asked if he could use my bike for the evening, and I let him. The next morning he called with the bad news; he crashed the Hurricane, and it had been towed to the local Honda dealer. He was flying through his neighborhood at night, riding too fast, got into a corner too hot and stood up the bike and went into a neighbor's yard. Unfortunately, the neighbor was watering the yard, and he went down hard, narrowly missing a tree, and the Hurricane flew into a hedge, bounced up into the side of their house, and literally shattered the beautiful white and red bodywork into hundreds of pieces that littered the yard.

    We went to the Honda dealer, and I asked to see my bike. The guy led me into a room with 5-6 of them, all in various states of damage. When I asked him which one was mine, he said take your pick, it doesn't really matter! I had to have my insurance company sort it out, and they hammered my rates afterwards. Jewish David spent the rest of the summer fixing the neighbor's yard and landscaping, and paying my insurance deductible and rate hike. It was around $2k to fix, and I sold it right after I got it back repaired, for pretty close to what I paid for it actually.

    I still scan Craigslist and Ebay for those bikes, and would love to have another one for nostalgia's sake. Jewish David lives on the west coast now, and we chat every couple of years and it seems like the Hurricane always makes it's way into the conversation!
  17. Falcon86

    Falcon86 I just work here.

    Jul 22, 2010
    Virginia Beach, VA/Slaty Fork, WV
    I wonder if your buddy, Jewish David, knows my dad's buddy he always talked about, Coworker Bob...
  18. Mambo Dave

    Mambo Dave I cannot abide.

    Oct 7, 2011
    11 ft. AMSL
  19. Rucksta

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    Oct 26, 2008
    Gold Coast
    I borrowed a Bultaco Matador :D
  20. jsalman93

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    May 20, 2012
    Pasadena, SoCal
    I recently did a fork oil and spring swap on my fz6 to give the front end a better ride for me. While testing out how i liked the ride in some canyon roads with my friends, one of my buddies (who works in a dealership and I have ridden with for thousands of miles) asks me if she can give it a shot. I didn't see any issue with it so I let her take it up for a mile or two and I ride her Vulcan behind her. When we are about to pull off to swap bikes again I see her pull onto the slightly dirt pull-off and she just slides the front end and drops it down at about 5 mph or so. No damage to her or the bike, but I was slightly disappointed to see my beloved bike slap the ground so harshly.

    Apparently she was too hard on the rear brake because she wasn't used to it compared to the one on her bike (duh