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    Would you buy a used zumo 550 if the current owner dosnt have the cd or unlock code for cd?? I have a zumo550 and all the codes and software... I was looking for a second unit.. a friend of mine is wanting to get the latest and greatest from garmin and will sell me his 550.. but no software no code...

    i cant think of any reason i would need his lost copy............. can you... am i missing something??
    i also recently purchased maps update from garmin... can i update two unit on the same subscription??:freaky
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    Hello UnclebudinTX,

    This is an interesting question. A few things to remember.

    1. The Zumo 550 is discontinued and that means that software releases are also discountnued. Garmin does not assign software development resources on keeping discontinued items up to date.

    2. You can send and receive maps, waypoints, tracks and routes back and forth with the same software and procedures you do now with your current Zumo 550 as you would with the proposed "used" Zumo 550. However, unless the maps on the device you buy from your buddy matches yours, the routes will not match exactly. Maps have to be the same to get the exact same result. The longer they go unmatched, the greater the changes will be. Same for the profiles in Basecamp.

    3. The more you stick with an older device, the less likely replacement parts will be available. The time life is accelerated as compared to say, old automotives. Eventually, you'll have old devices that will either work or not and replacement parts will be at a premium.

    4. You can purchase a Lifetime Map update for the Zumo 550 Part #010-11269-00 and install it. This will add the new maps for the device to your PC and the GPS. However, be advised, Zumo 550 are notorious for having very little available SSD storage and you will certainly be prompted to go buy a 4GB SDHC card to have that new, larger sized map on.


    Your buddy may have a good idea. The Garmin Zumo 660LM and Garmin Montana 6xx are either of the two devices to own. If its a good deal, and you like the Zumo 550, you may be able to work through some of the shortcomings.

    Good luck and happy riding,

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    The issue is that the map set you already have is restricted to your 550 and the Garmin software will not allow you to put your maps on his 550.

    Now, if your friend never registered the unit with Garmin after buying it, then you could register it as yours, and when first registered Garmin lets you download the most up-to-date map set for free. You can DL it to your PC and to the unit, but that map set will be locked to that unit.