WSBK: Portimao (Spoilers)

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    The blue groove

    And then went back out 7 laps down, set a lap record and finished 17th. It got confusing.
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    Wow, I missed that part in the online wrap-ups!
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    Quotes from

    Exiting the pit lane, Sykes explains he clipped the inside kerb of turn one, which was higher than he expected, causing him to flip over the front of the Kawasaki ZX-10R, hurt his leg and damage the bike.

    Though he was able to get it back to the garage for swift repairs, Sykes – having started from the pit lane – managed just two exploratory laps before peeling back in again to effectively retire.

    Going on to re-join the race and break the lap record whilst circulating seven laps down, a disappointed Sykes admits he feels he has 'let a few people down' with his costly mistake.

    “I expected the first race to be just as close as it was, and obviously the guys who finished first and second were riding really strongly, but I was struggling a little bit with race performance. But we made a good podium and scored good points,” he said.

    “Portimao is not one of my strongest circuits and still we could fight for the win. In race two the fall was my fault because in turn one on my out lap I ran over the kerbstone on the inside. The piece of kerbstone looked quite flat but in the last moment I realised it was a big high kerb and it chucked me over the front of the bike.

    “The bike flipped, landed on me and it was a big crash. It hurt my right leg and gave me a headache. We had made improvements on the bike for race two and we proved that was the case because we went on to break the lap record.

    “I was just riding to the limits of the bike in each race. This is my worst circuit but in both races we raced to the limit of the package and it felt easier to do this record lap time in race two. I feel I have let a few people down but I do not want to be too hard on myself as it is the first mistake I have made for a long time.”
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    Hated to see such a disaster for Laverty in race one, then Sykes in race two, but it sure makes things look interesting in the championship.

    Super sport race was amazing! Lowes and the Russian racing team are fun to watch.

    Am really enjoying the coverage on BEiN. I was worried about that before the season started, turns out is way better than Speed channel ever provided. :deal
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    Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Just catching up om the SBK races from last weekend. Indeed, WSS was awesome.

    The SBK races were great too. :clap