WV, VA and Kentucky residents, school me on what not to miss

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    I may be able to help with the Kentucky part depending on what parts of the state you'll be in. My knowledge is limited to asphalt, but I know some great back roads. Let me know what parts of the state you're considering and I'll be happy to suggest some routes, or if it's a part of the state I'm not real familiar with I probably know someone who is.
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    Plus one for what seasider said!

    but at Sineca Rocks is a campground--YOKUM'S FAMILY CAMPGROUND at $6 a night. very peaceful/quiet, a huge meadow along the banks of the river. in front of the campground is yokum's hotel/restaurant with indoor pool. you can use to pool to (no extra charge) if you camp.
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    I was thinking of taking Lee Highway all the way.

    I'd be able to see a lot of town a I've rode by hundreds of times while commuting on the interstate.

    However, it would be good to ride some good roads.

    I'm interested in riding through my old university, Radford.

    Ill come up with an outline and post it later.

    Thanks for reading.