X7 rebirth - 70's sports?

Discussion in 'Some Assembly Required' started by Fuzzball, Apr 26, 2012.

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    Well iv'e had these sitting about for a few years, never got around to selling 'em. Bought in 08 or 09, my second bike (or bikes).
    A run around (red) and spare parts (blue).
    Great little bike to ride, turned out she had a few problems though...
    Suspension was about dead. Lived with it.
    Intake boots cracked and leaking air. Replaced the carby>engine boots, but the airbox>carby boots could only be bought with an air box and air filter :huh On went some K&N pods and 105 main jets.
    Exhausts clogged full of carbon, rusty headers, road rashed expansion chambers. lived with it.
    chewed out headlight bulbs fairly often and the neutral light wouldn't work if the steering was at full right? lock. Gremlins in the wiring.
    Had to swap the idler gear over from the spare after the box locked up... Wasn't to impressed when I opened her up and found this...
    Silver spray paint... inside the engine... flakes of it had gotten between the gear's bush and the shaft it spun on chewed the bush up untill it decided to stop spinning. Who the fug spray paints the inside of an engine?
    Knocked off the loose paint and flushed the engine a few time, got her running again.
    Blew the base gaskets out going up a hill on the highway, limped home at 60Km/H. While putting the new gaskets in discovered the rings were stuck, the bore was fine despite the honeing marks being near horizontal the the piston/cylinder gap being twice what it was supposed to be... Scrubbed the pistons and spent days picking the carbon from them so the rings would do their job. Chucked everything back together and she ran really well till I saved enough money for a new DR650. She's lived in the shed since then, hasn't been run for about two years.
    So pulled her out of the shed, evicted the spiders and gave her a quick look over -

    Oil leaks? Check.
    Dead battery? Check.
    2stroke oil? Nope, but she was drinking gearbox oil last time anyway
    Two year old fuel? Check. Hasn't even rusted the inside of the tank. Sweet.
    Time to give this old bitch a kick in the guts.
    (It's a video on photobucket, click it)
    IT LIVES! Take note of the second cylinder starting up at about 25 seconds :rofl

    That was all the incentive I needed. Spent a day or two stripping parts and this is how she looks now.

    Plan now is to dig into that engine and give it a rebuild from the big end up, probably with the bottom end from the spare bike and the rest from this one. Was thinking a scrambler at first, but now a screaming little 70's sports or cafe with rear sets, clip ons, a seat that doesn't weigh 3 tons, ect ect. sounds fun :evil
    Getting quotes on parts as well... to the bearing shop!
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    Any updates, cool bike.
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    I wanted one of these so bad when I was on a 250 restriction,early 80's very good bikes for the time by all accounts.
    Life getting in the way of the project ?
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    May 23, 2012
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    Hot damn, awesome project! I'm subscribed.
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    Oct 29, 2012
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    Me, too.....

    TUCKERS the famous james

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    It's got great lines, a beautiful frame. Engine is OK. Looks like a screaming CAFE to me.

    I have a Manx Norton replica fibre glass fuel tank that would look fabulous on that. Bucket seats are like $125 on Ebee