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    Oct 15, 2010
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    Mar 30, 2010
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    I did the following all at the same time:
    1- Euro-spec headlight offering improved beam pattern, better bulb types and most importantly, separate low and high beam bulbs instead of the dual filament NA-spec rubbish
    2- HID (35 watt, 5000 kelvin) for the low beam only
    3- PIAA 510 auxiliary lights mounted on my OEM crash bars

    Night and day difference - it's that simple. The PIAA lights hardly ever get used on road - the low beam pattern combined with the HID is simply that good. I have my PIAA lights aimed slightly outward so when I do run off road or fly down country roads at night, they help illuminate the sides so I can spot potential animal threats (yes, I really fear nailing something like a deer, etc - no good can come from that). There are multiple sources for HID kits (Can't remember who makes mine but the ballast is tiny and yes, it was plug and play and very simple - done in the same way described in the HOW). The Euro-spec headlight can be sourced from multiple vendors as well (some of them sponsors of this site). I got mine from www.partspitstop.com - they were $25 cheaper than anyone else I could find...

    Hope this helps.

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    Jul 23, 2012
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    I just put one of the cheap Ebay kits in. A HUGE gain in light output! I have the US spec light and the beam pattern is fine. Very happy with the updrade.
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    Oct 18, 2011
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    I put the Euro light on back in '07. Its a great addition because its two lights performing high and low beam instead of an H4 juggling both. Also when switching to high beam, low stays on unlike the standard H4.

    Eventually I wanted more light though because even with the Euro, low beam is sorta bordering on dangerous imho. I swapped in a set of xenons like you have linked. It made a great improvement to the high beam. Low beam suffered from a loss of pattern, light pretty much went everywhere like a high beam. I tried to aim it low but would still get flashed from oncoming drivers. Also, the 950 doesn't have any control between the ignition switch to delay or interrupt the low beam when you start the bike. This means that the surge created by starting can error out the ballast on the HID and simply cut the light off. This though probably varies greatly on the ballast...mine were $$Hellas though vintage '07 or '08. Could be they are harder to fault now. I got paranoid of riding without a low beam and not realizing it during the day, annoyed by having to turn off/on the ignition quickly to reset the ballast when I did notice and afraid I'd get a ticket. I swapped back to an halogen for the low beam. Less light but it would pattern correctly and imho, actually worked better. I had added a relay to the harness for both circuits and even added a delay relay to the low beam but simply gave up.

    I added the Touratech light when I caught one half off...they're really proud of those things. It is an incandescent (not HID) low beam but an excellent one. The HID high beam is akin to turning on the sun... Great Hella units these.

    If I were looking for something now, I'd look really hard at the homegrown deal BMac is doing here in the OC. Its the inmates here that make up the ADV community rather than the spammers intent commercializing the forum that make the best stuff. Its what truly makes ADV and Orange Crush a great and place, imho.


    Seems to be a fantastic solution and not so hard on the wallet either. Same lights as I have in the TT too.

    No affiliation of course, just looks like an awesome product.:freaky
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    Which Ebay kit?
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    I installed a Pilot Xenon kit as well. I am very happy with the gain in clarity when riding at night. Of course, since I'm in Europe, the bike came with the euro headlight from the factory.

    Installing a kit really is not that big of an effort at all actually, you can even take off the screen and light while leaving the side panels in place. The HID kit is plug and play.

    One thing I discovered though: The HID light uses some more battery power to fire up (after firing up, it uses less than a standard bulb). I would get regular errors on my dashboards from a low battery and after starting the bike, the light would not be on. I installed a 950 light switch and take care to switch on my light only after starting the bike now and the problems are gone.
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    How well does HID work in a US housing? Is the light pattern usable on road? Does it blind other drivers?

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    Jan 20, 2012
    In the US housing, you lose the highbeam unless you get an articulated bulb. I'm doing a projector bi-xenon conversion on mine, probably on Friday. If all goes well I'll post up how it works. Parts total is less than $100, so I figure for half the price of a euro headlight I should have some pretty decent output.
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    I did a projector w/ HID conversion a couple years ago, parts from The Retrofit Source. It works great, though the cutoff is a bit too sharp for really tight twisties at night. Not sure if there's a motorcycle specific light out there now that would allow a bit more diffraction, but I'm really happy with my light anyway.