XL OR CB 250RS into a XR 250 Frame

Discussion in 'Some Assembly Required' started by Boxtriker, Jan 19, 2014.

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    [​IMG] Exhaust crush ring's honda 250 twin port single now as some mite no i have been putting a new motor in my xr 250 honda. the motor is a 83 CB 250 rs motor i think or was told when the cash passed hands well it has the rev take off on the cam cover that the xl never had ???? now to the problem the ports are od 32 x id 22-25 kind of size all i can find listed for the CB 250 rs is.O.D 40 X ID 31.5 WTF going on hear it's spun me right out [​IMG] is the motor an old xl 250 lump now they had small ports looked for the size of them an cant see them in that size for the xl either help been 2 hours looking at this now [​IMG]. this motor swap's been fighting me all the way never had to make so many one off bit's to get a motor in a frame bike now without it's bottom frame rail's an 30mm longer

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    any pictures?
    sounds like all that Devonshire air has gotten to you