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    Hi all,

    I now have a Garmin Montana that I'm fairly happy with. But I have a couple long rides coming up where it would be really nice to have XM radio. Does anyone have experience with the XM radio and bluetooth with the Garmin 665 LM. The alternative would be a seperate XM radio but I don't think they have bluetooth and it is one more thing to mess with. I have Scala com radio which supports bluetooth and it would be great to have it all working together.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    What about the Mobile version, so you wouldn't need to involve the gps?
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    Good evening Papa Alpha,

    Yes, have experience with this. Works splendidly. Headset, weather, music, phone, all coordinate nicely. With the right helmet, its not discernable that the rider is on a motorcycle.

    Just had a discussion with another inmate about this. Post #6 and #8 may be of value to you. This was the entire thread.

    If you have the $, and buy the 665LM, then you will have two of the best devices on the market. We run a similar setup and can switch between the Montana 650T or Zumo 660LM on the fly. Also have a Garmin Oregon 450T for hiking or horseback. Always know where we are....

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