XR600R valve adjustment

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    Hi guys,

    first of all, I was using the search function but did not find anything usefull.

    I have a 92' XR600R.
    The service manual that i have states that both intake valves and the left exhaust valve have to be adjusted in the TDC of the compression stroke. The the right exhaust valve 360 degrees later at the TDC.
    The tutorials that I've found all say that all 4 valves are adjusted at the same TDC of the compression stroke. Which one is true?

    Also, I have a PD8AF B carburetor. Can anyone tell me what these letters mean?
    I've bought this bike used and found that the main jet is 168 and the pilot 62. I think this is not standard but can't find any information about it. I also can't find which model my bike is (B,U,J,DK???)? Can anyone help?
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    What ever manual you have is wrong.

    Adjusting the valves on the XR is easy. You rotate the engine counter clock wise and watch for the exhaust valves to cycle open and then close. Now as you continue to rotate the engine the intakes will open and close. Right about here you should hear a nice CLICK which is the auto decom assembly. If you don't hear the CLICK go around another full revolution. Take a look in the inspection window on the stator cover and first you will see a mark and a F on it's side followed by another mark and a T on it's side.

    STOP. This is where you adjust all four valves. 4/1000 intake and 5/1000 exhaust.

    If you adjust the valves without hearing that CLICK you will have a very loud, out of adjustment right exhaust valve.