XR650L VS NX650 Jets

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    Feb 10, 2012
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    I have a 1994 Honda Dominator NX650 (Engine RD02). The carburetor is a VE84d. The current factory jets are 148 main and 48 pilot. The bike has an aftermarket 2 into 1 exhaust with no baffles (sounds great, but definitely lean). I'm planning on putting in a K&N filter or equivalent so I'll definitely need to jet up. I like the looks of the Factory Pro kit for the XR650L which is supposed to have the same engine and carburetor. Can anyone tell me what jet numbers are included? The XR650L kit is crb-h74-1.1-ti. There is a much harder to find and more expensive kit for the NX650 (I think it may only be for the 88-89 US models) I think it's part number is crb-h69-1.1-ti. Any help would be appreciated. I'm already aware of daves mod, but would prefer to go this route...I just want to know what numbers are included.