XT1200Z fuel gauge problem

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    Hello everybody,

    I am the owner of a XT1200Z with 33000km, which I use as daily transportation and for some trips.
    Generally, the first bar of the fuel gauge disapears at around 120/130km, and the second one at +-190km.
    So this week, with 230km and the first 2 bars missing, I noticed that the second bar apeared again, out from nowhere. I thought I was some misread from the sidestand, but the problem persisted. I then filled up the tank, and the gauge toped up accordingly.

    Today I had a 1200km ride, and confirmed that my gauge is crazy. It fills up normally. Then I hit the said 120km and the first bar goes away, but after some kms it returns. Sometimes it goes away again, and I'm then reading with an extra bar on the gauge.

    What is going on?
    Any help, or even a tecnhical drawing of the sensor inside the tank would be greatly appreciated