XT1200Z Super Tenere Rostra Cruise Control Project

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    Just did my 40000 km valve clearance inspection (all was good BTW) and had a chance to see how the cruise control throttle cable is fairing after 35000 kms worth of throttle twisting abuse. As you can see pictured below, the cable is still in excellent condition.

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    Ok, Standard Rostra CC install on a Super Tenere,

    Excpet I'm attempting to use a '13 FJR left side switch housing as the control pad.

    I have four wires: One each from the on/off button, Set, Resume and a common wire that runs to all three.

    The on/off button appears to be a momentary switch, sending a pulse, but not a solid power on. I may try a latching relay to turn this into an on and off switch with each push and see if that helps.

    Right now, I have the common wire going to the Rostra red wire

    The Set mates to the Rostra Set

    The Resume mates to the Rostra Resume

    I do not have the VSS wire attached at this point.

    Attempting diagnostic mode - No joy. I do get a flash of the red led when pushing the on/off button, but not when pushing set or resume.


    Ask all the questions you have, maybe something will come of it.

    At present, I am not using the normal power and ground wires to the control pad, as there are no mating wires to run them to on the Yamaha switch housing. I believe the Yamaha FJR uses the ECU to control the CC.

    I suspect if I turn the momentary on/off switch into a on and off switch with a latching relay, that may be a step in the right direction, but I'm not sure that's the only issue at hand.

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    I'm in the process to install a cruise control on my super T and I got a few questions.

    The red dot mean join( join mean connect together right? ) the wire on the drawing, but what about the black dot?

    Also, the relay on the brake light, it need to provide ground when the light is off right? Just to be sure.

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