Yet another request for some Tripmaster help from a 97-01 KTM 6X0 Adventure

Discussion in 'Thumpers' started by hondahawkrider, Jan 24, 2013.

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    <hr style="color:#575757; background-color:#575757" size="1"> This is Part Number 58212085000

    My forever project a 97 EGS-E Adventure lives again, and I am working towards getting it inspected.. However the trip master is not cooperating.. I have power, as I can get the green light to come on for the buttons, but I have NO display...

    link to the rehab

    So the current plan is to take it apart, check the connections, see what I can see... Suggestions would be helpful..

    Ive got a feeler out in FM to see if anyone has one ( If I fix mine, I can can always sell it or more likely whatever I replace it with... Which is the part of the problem.. I have searched the forums and it seem that due to some wonkiness of the TM, a lot of folks have replaced with something else like the ACE/Electrosport and KOSO .. However, these options aren't available anymore, so I was looking for possible new ones...

    Thanks in Advance