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    Jul 15, 2012
    Most of my close calls were due to youth, stupidity and no sense of mortality, i.e. I put my self in the situation.

    Only two recent incidents come to mind (and one of them was my fault).
    A couple of years ago about 5:30 pm on a 55mph (might have been 50) two lane in northern Indiana. I'm tooling along at or just above the speed limit with a line of traffic stacked up behind an 18 wheeler coming the opposite direction. A pick up (maybe the fourth or fifth vehicle behind the big rig) pulls out to pass. I'm already to the right of my lane with a very narrow (couple of feet, maybe a tad more) gravel shoulder, a ditch, a tree line and a fence to my right. I get as close to that little white stripe as I can and I'm on both binders for all they're worth. The pick up squeezed between me and the trailer (I'm probably still doing 25 - 30 at this point). It all happened in a blink, I didn't really have any time to assess the situation before it was over. My first thought was to chase the SOB down and beat him to death but I started shaking and had to pull over for a chill.

    2005 I was making my fifth trip to the Nurburgring. I had already spent two days lapping in a rented cage. One of the guys that I had arranged to meet (Graham) offered to let me do some laps on his Daytona. Keep in mind that I have extensive track experience and training in cages but, although I'd been riding for almost 30 yrs at the time, my high speed two wheel history was limited to the sum total of maybe 6 track days (Valetino Rossi I ain't, or even his little sister).

    I'm not comfortable riding other peoples bikes (the only spills I've had on pavement (2) were while riding bikes belonging to friends) but couldn't pass up the opportunity to ride the 'ring (I figured I'd do one lap) even if I had to wear borrowed leathers and helmet (eww). I really started to feel comfortable after the Karussel and picked up the pace. After the first lap Graham encouraged to go ahead and ride as much as I wanted (he was done for the day). I was having a lot of fun and one lap turned into two and then three. By the third lap I had settled in and was really exploring my limits. I decided one more lap was in order before calling it a day (we were returning the next).
    I was going at 10/10ths on the fourth lap (that would be my 10/10ths). I hadn't bailed at Schwedenkruz, I stayed WOT (I think) through Fuchsrore and only gave a touch to the binders at the kink before Metzgesfeld. Anyway, as I was rolling on the throttle coming out of Bergwerk the back end snapped out. I'm not sure if I caught some oil or what but the rear just stepped to the side. I didn't even have time to react (luckily) befiore the rear stepped back in line and we (I say we because I was just a passenger at that point) continued to accelerate out of the turn (for a moment) with no further drama. I know the rear probably didn't move out more than an inch (if that) but it felt like I had gone sideways. I quickly realized how horribly bad things could have gone had I gone off at that point and I also realized how completely ill equipped I was to deal with situations at the pace I was traveling. I also considered how many places the 'ring had that going off would be really, really bad (basically the whole damn track). I spent the rest of the lap hugging the right side of the track at a leisurely pace that allowed me to take in the sights. I will NEVER ride the 'ring on two wheels again.
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    I don't remember much of my closest call. It was the early '80s when I was young, invincible, and stupid. I rode home from a girl's house about 2am on a warm summer night and I was so hammered I got lost just concentrating on where the lines were. At the time it seemed like just another one of those "I'm so damn cool" stories that we thought were so damn cool at the time.

    I look back and realize what a dumbass lucky turd I was that night. The fates granted me an undeserved pass that night. Today I won't even look at riding if I'd had so much as a beer in the past 6 hours. Zero tolerance. I do still enjoy a good drink or three, just no riding when I do.
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    About 40 years ago, I was riding with a couple of friends- they were on Honda 350s, I was on my 250 HD Sprint. I probably had at least 500-1000 miles total riding experience :lol3. Two other motorcyclists were ahead of us, in the left lane (2 lanes each way, no turn lanes). I was not paying attention as they started slowing to make a left turn - I think I had turned to talk to one of my buddies. Good idea, huh? I noticed my buddy changed lanes, I looked forward (finally) and noticed the two bikes were nearly stopped. Fortunately there was just enough space between them for me to fit. I went between them at about 30+ mph relative to them. I think my mirrors overlapped theirs but were a different height. Still not sure how I missed them. I scared the crap out of me, my friends, and the two unknown riders in front. I can still see them getting closer. Made a hell of an impression. Yowza.:eek1
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    Jan 30, 2010
    After successfully avoiding a garbage bin bouncing towards me in my lane after it fell off a workers vehicle going in the opposite direction, I took a breath and lent forward on the tank. A second later 2 smallish birds went flying past from my left to right. One in front of the bike, the other between my face and the bikes screen. Probably would have knocked me over at that point.
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    Apr 5, 2005
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    Saturday was on the 91 Fwy in the far right lane behind two large semi's, one in my lane and one in the lane to my left. The truck in front of me was moving past the truck to my left and when separation occurred I moved into the lane to my left.

    Was parallel to the truck on my right accelerating to clear him and he started coming over into the lane.

    I merged Left, On the Gas WFO so as to avoid the 18 wheeler coming into my lane. I could see no one was in the lane in front of me and as I looked in the mirrors to see what was coming from behind I saw the eyeballs of the driver and his cars nose diving as he was on the brakes.

    The combination of him braking and me accelerating allowed me to sit here today and type this....