Your Crash - Could You Have Avoided It?

Discussion in 'The Perfect Line and Other Riding Myths' started by mikem9, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I think you missed the point... Going for the brakes is the instinctive/reflexive action the experienced/skilled rider is going to have too - but overcome. Whereas a less experienced rider may lose that mental battle. The people who probably shouldn't be on a bike in the first place are the ones who don't even realize there IS a choice.

    You have maintained your record of somehow mentioning ABS in almost every single post you ever make - Obsessed? :lol3
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    Jul 22, 2011
    Definitely. Had one lowside when I took a left turn into the neighborhood too fast. Ran out of ground clearance on the cruiser and target fixated on the curb I was afraid I was going to hit. This was about a month after getting my license. The fact that I was going downhill and turning onto an off-camber road didn't help. Now I know I could have shifted some weight to the inside and made the turn with some hard parts scraping. Ripped the sole of off my boot and just about broke my foot. A little rash on my knee and a sore shoulder. The shoulder of my jacket took most of the impact.

    About a year later I got surprised by a switchback (first one I've run into in middle tn) while still getting used to my Connie. I'd had it about 4 days. I panicked when I felt I was too fast. Again, I was really in good shape but i wasn't used to the additional lean angle and fixated on the guard rail. Ended up bouncing the right side of the bike off of it at a flat angle at 15 mph and then falling over on my left. No injuries at all other than my pride. I just sat there on shoulder yelling curse words and hitting the road with my fist cause I'd damaged my beautiful new bike.
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    It was a dark and stormy night - a shot rang out!
    Oops, wrong story.
    OK, it was a dark night and it was snowing at a good clip.
    I was riding cross town in lower Manhattan,
    The light went green for me as I approached 6th Ave (Ave of the Americas for all BMW riders), :D
    Started my turn on to 6th Ave and found myself in my first ever low slide.
    Bounced along on the cobble stone right behind my Ducati 125.
    As to ATGATT, it had not been invented yet, I was saved by a very heavy winter coat and Yes, a helmet.
    Let's see
    Avoidable, absolutely.
    I think this was the second day that I owned the bike.
    No, MSF courses did not exist then.
    Riding at night, in the snow, on cobble stone with no experience, :clap
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    Went to a hardware store about 20 miles away to check on price for a large order of building materials. It was February, about 35 degrees, but the road looked dry. I geared up, drove there without an incident. On the way back I pulled out of the parking lot with a handful of throttle as cars were approaching in both directions. Cold tires,a 1200 Bandit, road barely above freezing. My rear started coming forward but somehow I managed to save it. Twenty miles later I'm pulling into my driveway doing summer speed. The ice patch at the bottom of the driveway was just in the right place to put me down faster than I could realize what the heck was going on. Hurt pride, scratches on a hard bag and handlebar.

    Two years later, different bike, maybe March, IIRC. Same driveway, same result, except no hard bag.

    Both could be avoided easily.

    Off road - I fell a few times last season, and all could be avoided by more throttle, better line choice, and not looking at that damn frozen log. :lol3