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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by NJ-GS, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Me too. :thumb

    I called them about my 2009 R1200RT because I wanted a better windscreen than stock. My wife was complaining about buffeting on the freeways even with the shield up. Also the standard BMW shield is highly distorted and looking through I did not feel safe. I always lowered the shield at low speeds so I would be sure to look over it.

    The guy at ZTechnik told me about their shield options--bigger and biggest. And I saw the bigger one mounted on an RT and it looked great. Turns out they are made of polycarbonate, not acrylic, so the optics are mucho better. Plus the shape seems to push the air further out especially to the sides, where my wife was being hit.

    A&S BMW has a try before you buy. So wifey and I rode down there and mounted the bigger one. I am 5' 9" by the way. Took a ride and all was good. I could easily look over it in the down position and it was transparent looking through while up.

    So bought it for $239 plus tax out the door. A&S used the same box for my OEM shield and FDXed it to me at no charge! Nice!

    Very happy with the shield. I can run with it up at low speeds and look right through it with zero distortion. My wife has noticed quite a difference as well.

    One last point. I had read online that some guys complained about breaking their plastic mounting brackets with larger shields. I asked both A&S and ZTechnik about this and neither one had heard of any issues. There are aluminum brackets available to replace the standard, but at $120, I am going to wait.